Diabetes-Friendly: 5 Sugar-Free Treats to Try

by Tefal Team on 12 June 2017
  • National Diabetes Week falls between June 11th and 17th this year, with the event being all about raising awareness of what it is like living with the disease. Diabetes UK is helping people to learn about Type One and Type Two diabetes while also fighting to find effective treatments and the challenges faced by those living with it.

    The organisation also helps to bust myths surrounding diabetes, such as not being able to enjoy any sweet treats at all. Having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty dessert or indulge in some chocolate every now and then. While more care needs to be taken when it comes to carbohydrates and sources of sugar, there are still plenty of ways you can sate your sweet tooth.

    Whether you’re living with diabetes and want to try some new recipes or you want to give some sugar-free alternatives a try, we’ve found some great sugar-free recipes for you to whip up.

  • Low-carb brownie truffle pie

    Sometimes you just need a recipe that gets your mouth watering just thinking about it, as well as ensures everyone asks you to make it time and time again. This recipe from All Day I Dream About Food is definitely one for special occasions as it is incredibly decadent. It uses granulated sweetener instead of sugar, so you can still enjoy a really sweet taste. The recipe also calls for almond flour, although coconut flour would taste just as good if you want a nut-free version. If you’re a chocoholic, you definitely need to get cooking!

  • Raw strawberry cheesecake

    Summer is a great time for fresh, fruity and light desserts, which means anything strawberry is always a winner. The season also means you don’t want to be stuck in a hot kitchen for hours, which makes this raw recipe from The Queen of Delicious absolutely perfect. While the recipe calls for dates to make the base, you can swap this for a sugar-free biscuit crumb base if you’re concerned about the natural sugar content.

  • Chocolate chip cookie pie

    We’re pretty sure the only thing better than cookies is a warm, extra thick cookie pie – especially when it’s sugar-free. Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe calls for white beans, which may seem odd. However, they give a great texture and are a brilliant alternative to flour, helping to reduce the carbohydrate content of your puddings. If that’s not enough to sway you, we’re sure the pictures of this gooey cookie pie will!

  • Strawberry sundaes

    What’s summer without ice cream? There’s nothing better on a hot and sunny day than tucking into a bowl of cold and fruity ice cream, especially if it’s sugar-free and easy to make. A Spoonful of Sugar-Free has a simple and delicious recipe for strawberry ice cream that can use as little two ingredients! We’re sure you could use other fruit as well as strawberries too if you want to mix up your flavours a bit. The best part? You don’t need an ice cream maker.

  • Coconut blondies

    A great alternative ingredient for cutting down on carbs is coconut flour, which is not only healthy, it’s delicious – especially if you use it to bake some blondies. Sugar-Free Londoner has a fab recipe for coconut blondies that are perfect for summer or any season, especially as there is no sugar in them at all. You could even team them with strawberry ice cream for a really decadent and summery dessert

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