Does Mankind Really Need The Croiffle?

by Tefal Team on 15 February 2019
  • First there was the cronut. Then there was the cruffin. And now there’s the croiffle. Does our obsession with making new stuff out of things we’ve already got show that there’s nothing left to invent? Maybe it does. Or maybe it’s just that we really need a half croissant, half waffle pastry in our lives.

  • It’s gone on sale at a bakery in New York, so unless you’re prepared to travel a mighty long way for your breakfast pastries, you won’t be trying one any time soon. But the croiffle does at least make sense, because you eat croissants and waffles at a similar time and in a similar way.

    The same could not be said for the tacro, which was a totally ridiculous taco and croissant mash-up that quite frankly nobody wanted. And don’t even get us started on the sushi croissant – gross! One thing is clear though and that’s when people try and combine foodstuffs, it’s often the croissant that gets caught up in the mess.

  • Why don’t food innovators step away from the croissant and get creative with pasties or pancakes instead? Just because they don’t doesn’t mean you can’t. The Tefal Snack Collection has 12 different grill plates and you can do whatever you like with them. Pancake pasty anyone?

    The croiffles in New York can be ordered with your own choice of filling. Opt for a pretty safe bet of chocolate, cheese or ham and cheese. Or go the more over-the-top bacon, egg and gouda or sausage, egg and gruyere. By this point we just don’t know what this concoction is trying to be anymore.

    If you’re thinking about putting a croissant in the waffle iron attachment of your Snack Collection, why stop there? Waffles are great with chopped fruit and whipped cream, so you could totally add these fillings to your croiffle.

  • So, do we really need the croiffle? Probably not, but as food trends go it’s not the worst idea ever and will mean crazy lines outside the bakery for a few months and a flurry or #croiffle hashtags across social media.

    No doubt it’ll eventually go the same way as the much-hyped mash-ups of five or six years ago like the cronut and cruffin. Still available as a bit of an oddity, but not the must-have culinary experiences that saw queues snaking down the street day in, day out.

    It’s also pretty safe to assume that the croiffle won’t be the last of the foods we see forced together to make something new. But when it comes to what the next trend will be, your guess is as good as ours.

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