6 Reasons We're Excited For Wimbledon

by Tefal Team on 03 July 2018
  • For the next two weeks, The Championships, Wimbledon (who actually calls it that though? It’s just Wimbledon, right?) will be dominating our screens – and the courts, obvs.

    Whether you’re sitting courtside next to Judy Murray, sat on Henman Hill or catching the highlights on Today at Wimbledon each evening (remember when the BBC went all W1A on us and tried rebranding it as Wimbledon 2day?! Lol), the tournament is one of the highlights of the summer for us Brits.

  • Here are just a few of the reasons we love (look at that technical tennis term right there) Wimbledon:

  • 1. It's summer!

    It’s Britain, so there’s always the threat that rain may stop play, but the weather gods have been pretty lovely to us so far this year (thanks weather gods!), so we’re fairly confident that the sun will have its hat on during Wimbledon 2018 – fingers crossed!

  • You really can’t beat sitting on the grass in the glorious sunshine, barefoot, with friends, picnic food and tennis, can you?

  • 2. Because we remember the rules from last year

    Fairweather tennis fans have a spectacular knack of forgetting the rules of the game from one Wimbledon to the next, don’t they? For passionate followers of the game, it can get tiresome having to go over the rules again and again, but it can also feed your ego a little.

  • By the 12th time you’re explaining why a two-point lead is needed and reiterating that it’s ‘deuce’ not ‘juice’, you’ll feel like Clare Balding herself – which leads us nicely on to our next reason to get excited…

  • 3. Clare Balding

    Frankly, it wouldn’t be Wimbledon without Clare Balding. The entire nation took her into their hearts after she was on TV pretty much constantly in the summer of 2012, but Wimbledon fans had her first – she’s just an all-round gem.

  • 4. Celeb spotting

    Pretty much everybody loves Wimbledon, including celebrities, and there’s usually plenty of famous faces to be spotted at Centre Court. The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton have been seen there multiple times, as have celeb royalty the Beckhams.

  • Remember when Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler ended up sat together courtside and took that viral selfie? Spotting those two would be better than catching a glimpse of The Queen, right?

  • 5. Strawberries and cream

    You can’t watch Wimbledon without a bowl of strawberries and cream, that’s the law – well, it should be. But we reckon there should also be a loophole to allow other strawberries and cream-inspired treats.

    For example, these strawberries and cream cupcakes from She Who Bakes, which are just the cutest summertime bake with their vanilla sponge, hidden strawberry jam centre, pink buttercream icing and a whole fresh strawberry on top.

  • And for something a little bit different but nicely portable should you want to take them to the court with you, try these white chocolate and strawberry blondies from Sofia Bakes. Not strictly strawberries and cream, we know, but strawberries and white chocolate is better, surely? We know you agree.

  • 6. Pimm's

    It also wouldn’t be Wimbledon without a pitcher or three of Pimm’s, and making your own can be a lot of fun. This From the Larder recipe also features instructions for how to make a cucumber mint syrup, which definitely ups the British summertime points of your homemade Pimm’s.

  • Or you could take some actual Pimm’s and incorporate it into a bake, like this showstopping Pimm’s cake from Scarlet Scorch Droppers which is surely the most summery cake you’ve ever seen.

    It features three layers of vanilla sponge, sandwiched together with a mascarpone and strawberry filling, and topped with fresh strawberries, orange, mint and a sticky sweet Pimm’s syrup.

    Any excuse for this bake is an exciting occasion in our eyes – we’re pretty sure we don’t need any more reasons why Wimbledon is so great.

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