Ironers Just Wanna Have Fun

by Tefal Team on 09 April 2018
  • How would you rate your tolerance of ironing from one to ten on the Tefal Anti-Scale (see what we did there?!)? Let’s think about it for a moment…

    …well, you have to do it standing up, so that’s knocked a point off straight away. There’s always an argument about whether pyjamas should be ironed or not, which takes a big chunk of remaining fun out of the task (life’s definitely too short to iron pyjamas, in our opinion). And there’s always an item in the pile with a load of awkward frills that is IMPOSSIBLE to iron.

  • So yeah, ironing is pretty much up there with cleaning the loo and scraping burnt cheese off the bottom of the oven on the household chores fun chart.

    But if you want smart-looking clothes without creases, you need to accept that ironing will forever be a part of your life. Sigh. So, rather than hating it every week, try our suggestions for making the ironing more enjoyable.

  • Channel Iron Man

    Now, bear with us a moment. We think you should channel Iron Man while you iron. We don’t mean by wearing red and gold armour while you work, although if that’s what you’re most comfortable ironing in, we’re not going to stop you.

    No, instead, we mean be inventive. Movie spoiler alert: remember how in the film, Tony Stark was kidnapped and used his creativity to build an armoured suit so he could take on his captors? Well, you should think about what you’ve got around you too – Spotify account, speakers, kettle etc – and how you can use these bits to make ironing more fun. There’s no need to start fighting anyone.

  • Create an ironing playlist

    Putting some music on while you iron will automatically make it seem more fun. A soundtrack of silence will only mean that you’re alone with your thoughts about how much you hate the task at hand, making it seem a million times more cumbersome.

    But what to put on an ironing playlist? The only song we can think of that’s explicitly about ironing is Manfred Mann’s version of the old folk song Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron. Because ironing is not a hot (pun most definitely intended) topic to write songs about. And we’re not sure that Iron Maiden would be the most conducive to gently pressing your clothes.

  • What about Steam by Peter Gabriel? Some AC/DC from the Iron Man 2 soundtrack? Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff? That’ll certainly get you moving while you work. No one wants to have to iron and then go to the gym, so channel your inner Freddie Mercury in the I Want to Break Free video and combine the two. Think of all the extra calories you’ll burn. You can thank us later – just don’t burn your clothes at the same time.

    Or you could use some poetic licence like we have in our headline. ‘Ironers’ must be what Cyndi Lauper really meant, right?

  • Reward yourself as you go

    If you’ve been putting off the ironing for a long time, it can be a daunting task. But treating yourself like a small child or a pet and rewarding yourself for every little achievement – say, every ten items ironed – will soon make you feel better about the whole thing.

    It could be something as simple as a brew each time, although if you’re drinking a new cup of tea every time you iron ten garments, you’ll probably be making a lot of trips to the loo – extra exercise though, right?

    You could go for a sweet or a biscuit each time instead, just make sure you stick Hot Stuff on a few more times to burn some extra calories too.

  • Don’t turn ironing into a drinking game though. Rewarding yourself with shots might sound like fun, but alcohol + iron = a whole lot of danger. Please iron responsibly.

  • Get a better iron

    Another major ironing bugbear that sucks the possibility of any fun out of the task is limescale residue. This stuff building up inside your iron can leave gross sticky stains on your clothes, meaning you’ve basically got to start all over again, washing your clothes, drying your clothes and then starting to iron them again…

    With the Tefal Anti-Scale range though, you get a removable limescale collector to rid your iron of unpleasant residue AND long-lasting steam power to get rid of creases in your clothes more efficiently. See, we used our inventiveness and channelled our inner Tony Stark, like we’ve told you to.

    Seriously though, a better iron that means you don’t have to worry about your clothes being ruined will transform your laundry game. Ironers just wanna have fun, remember; there’s nothing fun about limescale.

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