25 Reasons Home-Cooked is Always Best

by Tefal Team on 04 August 2017
  • Everybody knows that a home-cooked meal is the best kind of meal. It’s pure and simple fact that something made from scratch at home is going to taste so much better than something you’ve bought ready-made at the supermarket.

    We’d go so far as to say that home-cooked food is even better than going to a restaurant, especially as you can enjoy it while wearing your PJs – apparently this is ‘against restaurant policy’.

    Don’t believe us? Luckily for you, we’ve got 25 reasons why food cooked from scratch at home is always going to be better than anything else you can get.

    1. The average person eats 121 different ingredients every day! Cooking from scratch cuts all the rubbish out.
    1. It’s ridiculously comforting. Having a rough day? Home cooked food. Feeling sad? Home-cooked food. Stubbed your toe? Home-cooked food.
    1. You can get creative. You’d never find a chicken nugget chilli con korma in the supermarket.
    1. Improves your online dating profile. You can cook? Sign us up.
    1. Food cooked at home contains 178% more flavour particles than other meals. This is not at all made up…
    1. It’s much easier to make a healthy yet tasty and satisfying meal than it is to find one in a restaurant or in the frozen aisle of your local supermarket.
    1. There’s infinitely less chance of bumping into that annoying work colleague (and their slightly too tipsy partner) while you’re sat on your own sofa.
    1. You can get to eat in your PJs!
    1. You don’t have to pretend you’re happy with pretentious portion sizes. The kitchen’s right there, help yourself to more!
    1. You get to eat whenever you want. No waiting around for a table.
    1. It’s nearly always cheaper to make it yourself. Cooking lasagne from scratch costs less than you think (even if you do need to pay 5p for your carrier bag).
    1. It is a scientifically proven fact that home-cooked food mends broken hearts.
    1. You get to act like a chef. Tasting your homemade sauce while stirring it is key here.
    1. You can eat it anywhere – fajitas in the bath anyone?
    1. Eating spaghetti bolognese is wayyyyy less stressful at home.
    1. We have it on good authority that at least seven of Jay Z’s 99 problems are related to poor restaurant service.
    1. It’s good family bonding time – even if you do squabble over who does the washing up (definitely not you, you cooked!).
    1. The 5-second rule is much more acceptable at home than it is in your local burger chain.
    1. There’s no awkward moment of working out how to split the bill.
    1. Making an incredible dinner is a much better feeling than paying for an incredible dinner.
    1. Ready-made cakes may be tasty, but you don’t get to lick the bowl clean when they’re baking, which is just a travesty.
    1. It’s diet friendly. You can burn calories while trying not to burn your pasta.
    1. Your significant other probably doesn’t expect you to leave a tip at the end of the meal…
    1. It’s much easier to hide healthy ingredients. Honest, kids, the curry doesn’t have any vegetables in at all…
    1. You won’t feel guilty for eating chips, because they’ve been home-cooked in your ActiFry!

    Still not convinced? Then head back to the top of the list and read it again.

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