Home Is Where The Heart Is This Valentine’s Day

by Tefal Team on 09 February 2021
  • We might not be going out out but we can still go all out for an at-home Valentine’s Day this year. Ditch the loungewear, spruce yourself up and plan a few surprises to make it one to remember.

  • Random acts of love

    Go beyond breakfast in bed and up your game with some new favours this Valentine’s Day. Here are our favourites:

    • Let them lie in while you lay the breakfast table and cook up something amazing
    • Do a few annoying chores around the house and don’t even mention it
    • Lay the bed with fresh, ironed sheets. The feel of crumple-free bedding is a heavenly treat.
    • Bake their favourite sweet thing
    • Write a love letter. Not a text or an email; a letter. On Paper. With proper words and no emojis 😉
    • Make a mixtape, or embrace the 21st century and create a playlist
    • Let your loved one pick the film. Top tip: steer the choice with an awesome list.
  • Home spa

    A couples’ pamper day is off the cards but recreating a little of that relaxation at home will go some way make up for it. Scented candles, luxurious bath oils, calming music – heck, just an hour of uninterrupted bliss in the bathroom will do!

    Any self-respecting spa session needs a good face pack so here are 9 spa-worthy homemade recipes to chose from.

  • All dressed up

    Our current dress code is a bit on the casual side so dig out something fancy(ish), give it a press and get dressed up for the occasion. Not just from the waist up – this isn’t a Zoom call, people. We’re talking full head to toe transformation.

  • Cocktail o’clock

    With plans for pre-dinner drinks in a swanky bar on hold for now, unleash your inner mixologist and craft some boozy DIY blends to woo your loved one. Check out these 10 quick and easy Valentine’s Day cocktails or skip the strong stuff with these delicious mocktails.

    You don’t need special cocktail tools to whip up a classy beverage. In fact, with a good blender  you can prepare some lip-smacking aperitifs fit for Valentine’s night. Just take a look at this selection; we’re intrigued by the Dodo.

  • Share food

    Make it the full at-home restaurant experience by laying the table with your finest dinnerware, lighting candles and sticking on some tunes. As for the menu, create some classic food-of-love dishes – easy with these recipes:

    Start with seafood, such as these mussels in white wine or these tiger prawns with saffron mayo. Or opt for a warm winter salad of blood orange and feta.

    Move on to a juicy rump steak (perfectly grilled with best ever air fryer chips (link to ActiFry chips blog). Or go veggie with this cheat’s ravioli with artichokes, leeks and lemon.

    And for dessert, it’s got to be chocolate-dipped strawberries, right? But if that’s not your thing this Biscoff cheesecake will win your heart.

    Can you feel the love tonight? We sure can <3

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