Can cooking sounds soothe frazzled nerves?

by Tefal Team on 30 April 2020
  • Exercise, massage and mindfulness are well-known ways to ease stress. But what about watching videos of soup bubble or someone slicing bread? Strange as it sounds, people are doing it! And having just had Stress Awareness Month, what better time to find out more about this absorbing audible delight? We are on the case…

  • What the ASMR you on about?

    ASMR – autonomous sensory meridian response – is the euphoric tingling brought on by a stimulus like certain sights and sounds. Whispering and tapping are popular, as are videos of calming, repetitive actions like brushing hair.

    While it doesn’t work for everyone, when ASMR hits the spot a tingling sensation grows from the scalp and travels down the limbs, giving a deep feeling of relaxation. No wonder it’s a winner against stress!

    For the best chance of experiencing those all-important tingles, it’s important to have no distractions. And, as sound is such a big trigger, wearing headphones is a must.

    No one can agree on how, why or even if it works, but it could be something to do with hypnotic repetition or triggering comforting memories. One thing’s for sure; it has many, many fans and YouTube videos devoted to it.

  • Food for thought

    Among the multitude of ASMR videos online, there’s a whole heap devoted to food, from preparing it to eating it. Listening to people chewing isn’t high on our list of likes, but it turns out the simple sounds of cooking are actually pretty peaceful.

    Take away the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen (radio blaring, shouty chef) and you’re left with the tranquil noises of chopping, slicing, pouring and sizzling. Not convinced? Check out our pick of food related ASMR videos and (hopefully) relaaaaax…


  • Chop to it

    Let’s get started with this epic compilation of food prep noises. From seaweed being snipped to the odd sound of chopping chocolate, this vid is the ideal food ASMR appetiser.

    There’s something strangely comforting about the noise of frying food – although we can’t help thinking that, while they’re using a great pan, those veggies would be better off in one designed  for the job.

    And for one that’s right up our street – the sweet sounds of meat sizzling on a grill is really doing it for us. Must be jogging memories of barbecues and lazy summer days.

  • Soul soothing recipes

    Watch a whole recipe and get the added satisfaction of seeing a meal come together too. But we haven’t picked just any kitchen tinkering. No, we’ve selected some unusual vids to really get the juices flowing.

    Take this cooking in the forest Caesar salad video; all the chopping and mixing sounds you could wish for with the added bonus of a bubbling brook and crackling fire. And, you know, a tame owl.

    For a bizarre and hypnotic visual feast, take a look at this miniature cooking shitake fried mushroom fried rice – equal parts relaxing and fascinating.


  • Pudding you straight to sleep

    The gooey sounds of a good pud are what really work for some. Take this soft and jiggly cheesecake. Slurpy, oozy tones with a yummy recipe that you could easily follow.

    The end result of this awesome pastel rainbow crepe cake is so inspiring; it’s worth a watch even if it doesn’t give you tingles. Right, where’s that pancake pan?

    We hope this dip into ASMR has left you feeling zen. But if it’s also made you hungry, here are some speedy meals to help with that.

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