Tefal Welcomes Right To Repair Proposals

by Tefal Team on 10 January 2019
  • Here at Tefal we are pleased to hear about proposals to introduce new Right to Repair laws across the EU and USA. Such legislation, which would put an emphasis on fixing goods instead of replacing them, is in line with our brand’s policies.


  • If you’ve bought a Tefal product recently, you may have spotted the ‘10 Years Repairable’ logo on the box. This is there to remind you that we back policies to repair and reuse items wherever possible in a bid to help protect the environment.

    95 per cent of the electrical products we make meet the repairability classification since 2012 and we’re dedicated to ensuring that repairs are carried out at a fixed and affordable price. Tefal has a large store of spare parts housed in France, making it quick and easy to have your appliance taken apart and repaired, so you can get back to using it.

  • Not only does repairing instead of replacing help to cut down on the greenhouse gases produced during manufacturing, it means less waste and items going into landfill. Our customers find that this approach is much cheaper too, making it better for everyone.

    If the new Right to Repair legislation comes into force, Tefal will already be meeting the requirements. There are stumbling blocks in implementing the laws, as some manufacturers claim that the rules on repairability that are being proposed are too strict.

    However, others, like us, believe that creating items that are not sealed in a manner that prevents maintenance or repair, ready accessibility to spare parts and the knowledge of how to fix things, are something of a obvious benefit to all.

  • Libby Peake from the think tank Green Alliance told BBC News: “The new rules are a definite improvement. We think they could have been better, but it’s good news that at last politicians are waking up to an issue that the public have recognised as a problem for a long time. The new rules will benefit the environment and save resources.”

    To find out more about Tefal’s commitment to repairability and how to get your product fixed, click here.

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