6 Things You Can Do In 60 Minutes

by Tefal Team on 02 November 2018
  • What would you do if someone gifted you an extra hour in the day? Stay in bed longer, catch up on the chores or hide yourself away for a little bit of me time? Well, that’s exactly what happened this weekend (October 28th), as the clocks went back and you got a whole 60 minutes of bonus time, so what could you get up to with all that extra time?

  • Tackle that stack of ironing

    OK, so grabbing the old Tefal ultraglide iron and making your way through that massive mound of ironing may not sound like the most glamorous use of your extra hour, but you’ll probably feel loads better afterwards. You won’t need to look at it in the corner of the room or feel your heart sink every time you remember it’s there and there’ll be no need to iron and wear as you go all through the week.

    To make an hour’s ironing a little bit more enjoyable, we recommend sticking on an episode of your favourite box set or a classic album you haven’t listened to in ages. Nothing makes ironing more enjoyable than rocking out to Bruce Springsteen or Carole King, so go for it.

  • Go for a jog

    So, we’re not suggesting that you jog for a whole hour, but that extra 60 minutes in the day means you can find your long-lost running trousers, squeeze into them, warm up, jog around the block and have a shower without sacrificing any other activities. Autumn can be a tough time to get motivated, but get into good habits and you’ll feel so much better in the long run.

  • Plan a weekend away

    Never mind finding the time to go away, just sitting down and planning a trip can seem like a task relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. If you and your partner, or you and your whole family, really need to reconnect then booking a weekend away is an absolute-must.

    You can spend your extra 60 minutes looking at the diary to check which dates have no visits from relatives, football games or girls’ nights out, so a little bit of research and battle it out with your other half over the destination. Then you’ll have something to look forward to as the nights get darker.

  • Cook a special meal

    Feeding a family can be tough and most of the time it’s a case of getting a meal on the table that everyone will eat as quickly as possible. With an additional hour you can afford to cook something a little bit more complicated and then enjoy some quality time eating it together.

    The recipe could be an old family favourite you haven’t made for ages or a new recipe that you’ve been meaning to try. Either way, the clocks going back will provide the perfect excuse to rattle those pots and pans and make a truly scrumptious feast.

  • Call an old friend

    It’s so easy to lose touch with friends and liking the odd cat meme they post on social media does not constitute a fulfilling friendship. Make yourself a cuppa, settle into the comfiest chair in the house and prepare for a good old fashioned chinwag. An hour might not be long enough to catch up on everything you’ve both been up to, but it’s a good place to start.

  • Read a magazine

    Most of the reading we do is on a screen, so it’s a special treat to pick up a magazine and read it cover to cover. Whether you like to read the agony aunt letters, browse recipes or hear about the latest celebrity gossip, magazines offer some welcome escapism. Even if you have a magazine subscription, you probably don’t manage to get through the whole thing each month, so now’s your chance.

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