UK's Top Fish and Chips Teamings Revealed

by Tefal Team on 01 June 2017
  • A fish supper is a bit of a tradition on a Friday and this week you have the perfect excuse to indulge as it is National Fish and Chip Day. Whether you treat yourself to a takeaway or cut the calories by making your own in your ActiFry, you can’t deny that fish and chips are a bit of a staple in the UK.

    In fact, every year, Britain spends around £1.2 billion on fish and chips! This equates to 382 million portions, proving that nothing is better than perfectly cooked chips and fresh battered fish. However, views seem to change when it comes to what goes best with fish and chips.

  • Wren Kitchens surveyed Brits from across the country to find out what people think is the perfect way to eat a fish. Of course, there was no argument about salt and vinegar being must-haves, with 37 per cent and 41 per cent of people opting for these, respectively. On top of this, mushy peas (28 per cent), tomato ketchup (25 per cent) and bread and butter (23 per cent) were found to make the perfect plate of fish and chips.

    However, the favourite accompaniment changes depending on where people are in the UK, which isn’t surprising considering there are around 10,500 chippies up and down the country.

    Those in the South East seem to prefer a proper salty supper, whereas Wales is heavy-handed with the vinegar. People in Yorkshire seem to be partial to a nice serving of curry sauce – which may surprise those who thought gravy was definitely the winner in this region – while the North west can’t do without mushy peas.

  • Those popping to a chippy in London will most likely pick up ketchup, compared to people in the South West who are more prone to a nice dollop of tartar sauce with their fish. The biggest difference, however, is Scotland, which is a fan of chippy sauce – a condiment that one in five people in Edinburgh are partial to.

    Of course, everyone knows how to make the perfect fish supper for themselves, which is definitely the most important thing! So whether you go for salt, vinegar, mayo, ketchup, mushy peas or anything else, enjoy tucking into your fish and chips today.

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