Emergency Garment Care Hacks

by Tefal Team on 13 July 2022
  • This wedding and party season, have a few clever fixes up your sleeve in case of wardrobe emergencies. From creased clothes to drinks spills, we’ve got you covered.

  • Anti-wrinkle steam

    If you’ve unpacked your outfit to find it’s a creased mess, don’t fret – steam is the answer. Hang the garment in the bathroom while you shower or, far more effective, pack a travel garment steamer, the Pure Tex has a reversible micro-fibre pad that easily removes unwanted lint that many have accumulated in your suitcase. You’ll never worry about crumpled party clothes again.

    The added benefit of a garment steamer is that it also sanitises and freshens up fabric while melting away those creases. The Care For You is the ultimate garment care system leaving your garments wrinkle-free, refreshed and looking fabulous!

  • Deo no no

    White deodorant marks can ruin an outfit but don’t rush at them with a damp tissue or towel as that will make the problem even worse. Your best bet is to rub the fabric vigorously against itself to help shift those tell-tale marks.

    If the marks persist after the party, try white wine vinegar to budge those stubborn stains.

  • Shoe phews

    Scuffed your shoe? No bother! A small blob of toothpaste on a damp cloth or the inside of a banana peel will sort scuff marks on leather, while Vaseline will do the same for patent shoes. As for suede, brush the scuff in one direction only with an eraser to remove.

    If your new shoes are pinching, grab a hairdryer and try this. Put on some thick socks and then the shoes. Wave a hairdryer on a medium heat over the tight areas for 20-30 seconds to soften up while the socks help stretch them out a little. Job done.

  • Don’t get clingy

    Static can leave an outfit clinging in all the wrong places, so give this trick a go. Apply some moisturiser to your skin or even your tights, which will act as a barrier and stop the cling. A light layer of hairspray will do the same.

    Because static is all about negative and positive charge, you can also try a little physics experiment. Run a wire coat hanger over the inside and outside of your garment or pop a metal paper clip in your pocket. Both will absorb the build-up of electric charge and rid you of the static. Eureka!

  • Tame the stain

    Sort food and drink mishaps fast with these tips. Bicarbonate of soda is a wonder on all sorts of stains but it’s not something to bring on a normal night out. The solution? Sparkling water, aka carbonated water. Try it on coffee and other stains and see for yourself.

    For red wine spills, flushing with white wine does actually work but only if done immediately. It won’t shift the stain if you leave it to set so grab a glass of white and act quickly. See more stain solutions here.

  • Pin your hopes

    No room for a mini sewing kit in your purse? Us neither. So be sure to have a safety pin tucked away for emergencies. It can hold a tear together, hide a missing button, secure a dodgy zip, fix a broken bra strap and more – how did we manage without one??

  • Nail it

    If you find a ladder in your only pair of tights, a dab of clear nail polish will stop the problem from getting bigger so apply as soon as you notice that nick. Hairspray will also do the trick if you don’t have clear nail polish to hand.

  • Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

    A stuck zip can be a bit of a clothing catastrophe but not if you have a pencil. Confused? Let us elaborate. Graphite is a good natural dry lubricant so rubbing the tip of a pencil on both sides of the zip should help to get it moving. Who knew!

  • Fix tape

    Packing a small roll of sticky tape is really worthwhile. First off, it’s great for removing unwanted fluff or hair from your outfit. Roll a length of tape into a messy ball or around your fingers sticky side out and dab over the fabric for spotless results.

    While sewing is the best way to deal with fabric tears, in a pinch small tears can be taped. Pull the loose fabric through to the inside of the garment and secure it in place with a bit of tape. Also a good temporary fix for a dropped hem.

    That’s your clothes woes sorted. Now all you have to worry about is your dance moves…


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