How To Care For Summer Fabrics

by Tefal Team on 14 June 2022
  • New season, new wardrobe – new laundry demands! Take care of your best loved summer clobber with these essential tips. From cleaning and crease removal to stains and storage, it’s all here…

  • Favourite warm weather fabrics

    Cotton and linen

    Cotton and linen are both natural fibres – one from the cotton plant and the other from the flax plant – and both can be machine washed. Linen does well on a cool setting, cotton on a warmer setting if needed. Always check the individual label before washing.

    As with any garment, it’s best to tackle stains as soon as they happen and always before washing. Avoid bleaching linen; gently rub the stained area with a bicarb of soda paste or a little detergent instead. White cotton can be bleached but there are rules so read up.

    While cotton blends can be safe to tumble dry if stated on the label, 100% cotton may shrink so stick to line drying. The same can be said for linen so only ever tumble dry if you know the fabric is suitable.

    A steam iron on the right setting works wonders on cotton and linen, especially if they’re slightly damp. Check out our top iron hacks for best results.

  • Silk, organza and other delicates

    Although these gorgeous, flowy fabrics can sometimes be machine washed on a gentle setting, hand washing with a mild detergent is the best way to look after them. Check the label before you toss in the machine and if in doubt, don’t.

    Some items can be tumble dried on a gentle setting (again, check that label) but take care not to dry with garments that could twist and damage your delicates. Our Care For You takes out the guess work and efficiently dries, sanitises and de-creases even the most delicate fabrics using the power of steam.

    Iron on a low setting or steam for extra gentle care. Washing less often will extend the life of your delicate items, so use a garment steamer to freshen and sanitise instead.

  • Hand washing tips

    • Make sure your sink or bowl is squeaky clean. Sounds obvious but it really matters
    • Use cool or tepid water and a mild detergent on delicate garments
    • Don’t soak items for more than 30 minutes
    • Rinse until all traces of detergent are gone
    • Never wring delicate fabrics, gently squeeze out water instead
    • Drip dry smaller garments (like underwear and tops) and roll heavier garments in a clean white towel to absorb excess water before drying flat.
  • Pack and store

    Summer equals hols so if you’re heading off somewhere nice, pack your beautifully washed and pressed items in the best way to avoid creases and damage. Consider taking a travel steamer to freshen up your outfits while away.

    Even if you’re not jetting off, you’ll want to store your summer clothes in the correct way so they’re ready to wear. So, should you hang or fold? Check out this handy guide.

    Fancy a few extra summer fashion hints? Head over to our Summer’s Top Clothing Tips blog to find out more.


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