Classic Beef Dishes For The Best Of British

by Tefal Team on 25 April 2022
  • Eating a more plant-based diet benefits the environment, but so can choosing UK produced over imported meat. British beef is amongst the most sustainable in the world, so celebrate it with some deliciously traditional recipes.

  • Great British Beef Week

    Running from 23rd – 30th April in 2022, this annual event champions British beef in all its glory. This year the focus is on what UK farmers are doing to make British beef more environmentally friendly through innovative farming methods.

    Look out for GBBW ‘Enjoy best of British’ stickers and promotions on packs and in-stores as well as special dishes on menus. The event will also raise funds for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution charity.

  • Choosing the best of British beef

    From chuck to shank, there are all sorts of beef cuts to suit different dishes and budgets so get to know them and what they’re best for.

    For superior flavour and to be sure the animal has been well cared for, buy beef from a sustainable, high welfare source. Speak to your butcher, look out for food labels and read our guide to sustainable meat for more details.

  • Prime cuts in classic style

    Before you choose your cut, choose your meal! Celebrate British beef with much-loved British beef recipes, like this quintessential roast beef with red wine gravy. For mouth-watering results choose topside, a low-fat cut that’s easy to carve and ideal for Sunday lunch.

    Make a perfectly grilled rump steak even more delicious with a stilton and hazelnut stuffing.

    Or how about beef Wellington? Said to be named after the Duke of Wellington who had a very demanding palate, this dish delivers on style and flavour. Try this version which includes spinach and chestnuts to take it to new heights.

  • Pie’s the limit

    It’s the secret ingredients together with slow cooked shin of beef that make this steak and ale pie so next level, while stewing steak and Guinness are the stars of this steak and kidney pie.

    Topped with golden mashed potato, a traditional cottage pie makes the ultimate comfort food. For the best mince, choose a piece of beef and ask your butcher to mince it (chuck or flank are good for slow cooked dishes).

  • Wow with cheaper cuts

    Brisket comes from the chest area and needs to be cooked low and slow for melt-in-the-mouth results. This sensational mustard brisket with veg and beef broth really shows it off.

    Go for the ultimate store cupboard supper – a retro corned beef hash. You could even make your own corned beef if you can wait the 172 hours this recipe clocks up!

    Finally, in true sustainable style let nothing go to waste with a couple of classic oxtail recipes. This rich oxtail stew has knockout flavours, while this oxtail soup with mini parsley dumplings is delicious on any day you need a warming meal.


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