Sow Now For Summer Feasting

by Tefal Team on 23 March 2022
  • Fancy a slice of the Good Life by growing your own veg? Check out what seeds to sow now and how to transform your homegrown bounty into delicious summer treats with our pick of the tastiest recipes…

  • Why grow there?

    Whether a few herbs in the kitchen or a tub of spinach by the back door, growing a little of your own veg at home is a doddle. It tastes great, can save you money and can also change your relationship with food as you learn more about what’s in season.

    You won’t need much to get growing and you can grow anywhere from a sunny windowsill to a raised bed in the garden. But what to grow? Be led by some of the yummy recipes you can look forward to trying when you start to harvest…

  • Tasty tomatoes

    Method: Sow easy to grow varieties like Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker (check out more here) in pots and start them off on a windowsill or in the greenhouse. You’ll be harvesting yummy homegrown tomatoes well into September so line up some tomato-tastic recipes to use them in.

    Meals: These mini frittata muffins make a great breakfast on the go and this baked ratatouille is winning all the style points. No tomatoes will be wasted with this delish tomato chutney.

  • Salad days

    Method: Salad leaves are super easy to grow and will save some money on the weekly shop. Pop pots on a windowsill or sow seeds in the garden and cover with a cloche. Leaves will be ready to pick from as early as May.

    Meals: Perfectly grilled goats cheese and a warm honey dressing make this salad stand out from the crowd, while this mozzarella, peach and prosciutto salad is a gorgeous mix of flavours. Use up leftover salad with this ingenious recipe for salad leaf pesto.

  • Homegrown herbs

    Method: Simple and so satisfying, try growing some of your own herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano, chives and thyme. Sprinkle seeds in a pot and place on a sunny windowsill or in a propagator. Check out this handy herb growing guide.

    Meals: Sizzle these herby lemon chicken skewers on the grill and serve with a mint and parsley loaded tabbouleh. Fresh herbs are also perfect for salad dressings and sauces so nothing need go to waste.

  • Chilli weather

    Method: Choose a variety that ripens early, sow in pots on a windowsill and get set for a chilli harvest in the summer and beyond. There are thousands of chilli varieties to choose from depending on how hot you like ‘em. Learn more here.

    Meals: Line up some fabulous chilli recipes to wow this summer, like these grilled sardines with chilli and lemon. These loaded jalapeno poppers are an easy crowd pleaser for the air fryer and these jackfruit tacos will go down a storm.

  • Big on broad beans

    Method: Sow inside in March or outside in April (you’ll need a bit of space and support for these plants) and you’ll be enjoying fresh broad beans from as early as mid-June. Learn more about growing them here.

    Meals: Move over avocado, it’s all about smashed broad beans on toast! Or how about this yummy risotto with broad beans and peas? And this vibrant broad bean dip is just begging to be enjoyed with some crunchy veg or chunky bread.

  • Say yes to spinach

    Method: Fast and easy to grow, sow seeds in the ground or in large pots. Pick baby leaves for salads and mature leaves for other dishes (take a look at our fav’s below). Sow more seeds every couple of weeks and you’ll have spinach all summer long.

    Meals: This sweet potato and spinach tortilla is perfect for a summer picnic, while this spinach and artichoke pizza is all kinds of creamy. Go for a showstopper with this delicious spinach and summer herb roulade.

    Our final green fingered feasting tip? If you’re growing sunflowers, have a go at harvesting and roasting the seeds for a tasty snack. Happy gardening.

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