Late Winter Wellbeing

by Tefal Team on 21 February 2022
  • Spring’s just around the corner but the cold weather and shorter days aren’t quite done with us yet. We’ve put together some essential wellbeing tips to see you through the last of winter and gear you up for spring.

  • Feed the soul

    Food plays a big part in our health and wellbeing. Not only does a delicious bowlful of something you love lift your spirits, many ingredients will also boost your immune system.

    Don’t let lack of time hold you back when it comes to good food. Pop healthy ingredients in the pressure cooker and you’ll have tasty meals in minutes. Cook extra and freeze for future dinners – sorted!

  • The sunshine vitamin

    Strong, healthy bones depend on it, and it’s thought to help in other important areas like brain development and muscle and immune system function. We’re talking Vitamin D, of course.

    The best natural source of this vitamin is the sun (our clever bodies create it when skin absorbs sunlight) but in winter and early spring it’s a little scarce. That’s why, as well as through diet, we’re all advised to think about taking a Vitamin D supplement.

  • Prescribe nature

    While we won’t get enough Vit D from the sun, spending time outdoors still has huge benefits. Being in nature positively impacts mental health, whether for a walk, run or spot of gardening. Fill a flask with something warming and enjoy the fresh air!

    Spotting signs of spring is also a good mood booster. Take in the bird song, feel a little warmth from the sun and spot snowdrops, daffodils and other early blooms. At home, sow seeds on a windowsill or in the garden and look forward to seeing them pop up.

  • Make time for the good stuff

    When winter’s short days feel like they’re never going to end, it’s really important to add in some fun. Make plans with friends, dance along to uplifting tunes, cook your favourite food – all the things that make you feel happy.

    Helping others also gives the feels so consider making time to volunteer. Walk a dog for the RSPCA, join a litter clean up and connect with young and old to make a difference while getting a warm glow in return.

  • Find stillness

    Do like dormice and slow things down. We’re not suggesting total hibernation, just taking time to rest and recuperate. The Scandinavians are masters at this, they call it hygge. Take inspiration and after a bracing walk, get into something comfy, make a mug of yummy hot chocolate and relax.

    In the evenings, create a calming bedtime routine for great sleep and use these tips to ease into the clock change on Sunday 27th March.

    It won’t be long till the days are drawing out again, but in the meantime, take care.

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