Lighten Up In The Kitchen For A Fluffier Life

by Tefal Team on 10 February 2022
  • We’re whipping things up for some cloud-like drinks and dishes. From soufflés to fluffy pancakes, these melt-in-the-mouth recipes are guaranteed to leave you floating on air.

  • Bubbly eggs and omelettes

    Let’s start with a classic omelette. To guarantee pillowy results, beat as much air into the mixture as possible before pouring it into a hot pan. Whisking the whites separately before folding them into lightly beaten yolks also works well.

    This recipe uses cream of tartar for an even fluffier texture, while the secret to success with this cheese omelette is to pop it into a boiling hot oven for the final cook off to help it rise.

    Another option for lighter than air eggs is the much Instagrammed cloud egg. With their meringue-style whites gently baked in the oven, eggs don’t come much fluffier than this.

  • Master the soufflé

    This sweet or savoury weightless wonder-dish is made by adding whipped egg whites to base ingredients before being carefully baked. Soufflés strike fear at the heart of many a cook, but there are ways to ensure light and lofty results.

    Use room temperature ingredients and beat the eggs whites to stiff peaks before gently folding into the mix. Butter or grease the mould to aid an easy rise and place in the hottest part of the oven. Make sure everyone’s ready at the table to witness the results!

    Ready to have a go? Try these twice-baked goat’s cheese and chive soufflés (a good choice for the nervous) or these lovely lemony numbers from soufflé master Mary Berry.

  • Puffed up pancakes and waffles

    Ace Pancake Day this year with these sure-fire tips to keep your creations light and fluffy. Put these skills into action with some yummy loaded banana pancakes.

    If you’re looking for sky high and jiggly results, try these awesome Japanese pancakes. Using similar ingredients to regular pancakes, the most notable difference in preparing them is that they’re pan fry in crumpet rings to give them their towering finish.

    For fluffy and irresistible waffles, try these cinnamon sugar buttermilk beauties. A versatile waffle maker pays dividends, making easy work of waffles and other airy snacks like these soft and buttery madeleines.

  • Diaphanous drinks

    DIY coffee hack alert: You can make super foamy cappuccinos at home with this clever trick – use a blender! Just heat the milk then whizz it up before adding to coffee. Works like a charm.

    Of course, if we’re talking ultimate frothy coffee, we have to include the mega TikTok trend that is Dalgona coffee. With its ultra-fluffy coffee topping, it’s like a reverse cappuccino. Can be served hot or cold to suit your mood.

    Want the fluffiest milkshakes? According to the experts, using ice cold milk and soft ice cream gives best results (as well as a good blender!) Give it a go and make it a little extra with this loaded Eton mess freakshake.

    So go on, lighten up. Swerve the stodge and go fluffy for the dreamiest food and treats!

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