How To Clean Pet Beds

by Tefal Team on 20 January 2022
  • Put off this icky task no longer with our practical guide. From spot treating to a full wash, we look at the how and how often of pet bed cleaning. We’re also revealing a secret weapon that works wonders on bacteria and bad odours so let’s get started!

  • Why clean?

    It might not be high on the cleaning agenda, but pet beds are dirt magnets that need regular attention. Not only do they get a bit whiffy, they also gather dirt, bacteria, mites and vast amounts of animal hair.

    Pets come in all shapes and sizes and have very different bedding needs so for clarity, we’re talking about the fabric variety usually associated with cats and dogs.

  • How often?

    Ideally, your pet’s bed should be cleaned once a week to keep on top of the dirt and to stop it from stinking. If this is too much to add to the weekly chores, there are a couple of ways to stretch the time out a little between washes.

    Firstly, cover the bed in a blanket. It will lessen the soiling and is much easier to clean than the whole bed. Also, clean your pet after a walk and groom them often as this will help minimise the dirt and pet hair transferred to the bed.

  • Cleaning pet beds

    Start by checking the bed’s washing and drying instructions. If it’s suitable and small enough, most beds and covers can go in the washing machine with a pet-friendly laundry detergent. Vacuum up excess dirt and pet hair and treat any stubborn stains first.

    After machine washing, make sure all the soap has been thoroughly rinsed out before hanging to dry or gently tumble drying. Clean your machine of the inevitable pet hair once you’re done.

    If the machine’s a no-no or you’d rather not use it, it’s time to unleash that secret weapon! A sweep of high-pressure steam will deep clean, sanitise and eliminate odours in an instant. It’s gentle on all fabrics and zaps an incredible 99.9% of bacteria. Genius.

    Alternatively, fill a sink, large tub or bath with soapy water and get scrubbing. Follow the pre and post cleaning tips above for hand washing too.

  • In between cleans

    To keep pet beds as sanitary as possible between thorough washes a bit of daily cleaning goes a long way. Shake bedding outdoors or vacuum to remove the constant build-up of loose dirt. A lint roller is also great for lifting off pet shedding.

    Deal with stains as soon as possible for the best chance of getting rid of them. Check out these tips for spot cleaning pet stains from most surfaces.

    Steam is also your friend when refreshing pongy pet beds between washes and this clever garment steamer does it all. Not only will it sanitise with the natural power of steam (so no nasty chemicals), its interchangeable heads will de-lint and remove hair and add fragrance. And, of course, it tackles everything from shirts to sofas…

    Cleaning pet beds might not be the nicest job you tackle today but with these tips, you’re ready to go. Fido/Felix and your nose will thank you for it.

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