Bed Heaven: How To Make Your Best-Ever Bed

by Tefal Team on 18 November 2021
  • Want to slip between sumptuous sheets for a cosy kip tonight? Read on to find out how to make your bed a sanctuary of fresh-smelling linens and plumped pillows fit for a blissful sleep…

  • Winning with linens

    Fresh linens are key to a dreamy bed. Sheets and pillowcases should be washed weekly while duvet covers can be washed at the same time or left for a fortnightly clean. Check care instructions and tackle stains before washing on a warm or hot cycle.

    If tumble drying, take out before completely dry to minimise creases. Steam iron for a silky finish (mmm, freshly pressed bedding…) before making your bed or folding and storing. Oh and save yourself a sheet show by learning how to fold a fitted one.

    Bonus tip: Want that extra clean feeling? Shower before hoping into bed. Not only will fresh sheets feel great against your scrubbed skin, you’ll also prolong the cleanliness of your bedding.

  • Pillow talk

    Over time, dirt, dead skin cells and dust mites build up on bedding so it’s important to clean everything on your bed. Bulky items like pillows and duvets don’t need a weekly wash but will benefit from a good clean once or twice a year, pillows possibly more.

    Read care labels as items such as synthetic fibre pillows and smaller duvets should be able to go in the machine at home. Feather and down filled items and larger duvets will need professional attention.

    While we’re on duvets, have you got your togs in a twist? Check out this guide to find your tog sweet spot. Spoiler alert: light and thin doesn’t necessarily equal cool.

  • Decked out

    Don’t forget about decorative cushions, throws, blankets and any other bed adornments and extras. Like bulky items, they won’t need a weekly wash but will benefit from a clean every once in a while to keep things lovely.

    Whether by hand or machine, electric blankets can be cleaned – here’s what you need to know.

  • Mattress mayday

    On bed changing days, leave your mattress bare to air for a while before making it up with clean sheets. Use a mattress topper for protection and extra comfort and, if suitable for your mattress, rotate or flip it over once a month for even wear.

    To revive your mattress and leave it smelling fresh as a daisy, sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda, leave for around an hour and then vacuum. Another great option to banish germs and smells is to steam clean it. Here’s how.

    Give a wooden or iron bed frame a wipe with a damp cloth when changing linens to clean away dust and marks. Upholstered headboards can be vacuumed to remove dust and steam cleaned to refresh them.

  • All made up

    Nothing beats getting into a neatly made bed so don’t be tempted to skip this chore in the morning. Start by throwing back the covers and leave the bed to air while you get on with other morning rituals.

    Smooth and re-tuck the bottom sheet, plump up pillows and pull up and tuck in the top sheet and blanket or duvet. If you’re laying your bed with fresh linens, check out these top tips for a properly made bed.

    You’ve made your bed, now lie in it – and enjoy!

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