TikTok Trends For Bake Off Glory

by Tefal Team on 21 September 2021
  • With GBBO back on our screens (eek!), we’re whipping ourselves into a frenzy for all things baking. So if you need a little help with your showstoppers, look no further than these nifty shortcuts.

    Before we get started, have you met the class of 2021 yet? We can’t wait to see what this season brings for them. In the meantime, we bring you TikTok’s best baking hacks…

  • Lovely mug

    We don’t know about you but watching Bake Off always leaves us craving cake. The solution? Mug cakes. So speedy, you could bake them an ad break.

    Chocolate lava mug cake took TikTok by storm, and for good reason. Just five ingredients (plus water) and five minutes and you’ll have yourself a melt-in-the-middle, rich chocolate cake – grab a spoon and tuck in.

    Nutella lovers, look no further than this indulgent mug cake. And for mug-friendly banana bread, doughnuts, brownies and more, just check out this eye-popping round up.

  • Layer upon layer of brownies

    If gooey chocolate brownies leave you feeling, well, gooey, you must check out 6-layer brownies. What could be better than trad brownies, you say? Brownies baked with Oreos, Nutella and Biscoff spread, that’s what!

    Bake to perfection in the Cake Factory and for one final show-off layer, add these fabulous tanghulu strawberries.

  • Cheat’s cupcakes

    Go all out for National Cupcake Week with some showstopping mini cakes. This uber popular TikTok hack shows you how to make bakery-worthy cupcakes with shop bought packet mix and a few extra ingredients. We won’t tell.

  • Brilliant breads

    Bread but not as we know it, cloud bread is made with egg whites, corn starch and sugar. It’s a wonder it’s called bread at all, but it is super easy to make, gluten free and a whole lotta fun. Give it a go with this recipe or eat the rainbow with this alternative.

    And then there’s two ingredient ice cream bread. Your favourite ice cream mixed with self-raising flour and baked into tasty, sweet bread. Of all the TikTok baking trends, this is the one we really wanted to work. And it does! Try it for yourself.

  • Easy ice cream

    Talking of ice cream, go the extra mile and serve deliciously simple homemade ice cream with your hassle-free bakes. No ice cream machine required, just a trendy mason jar, some double cream and a few other ingredients for heavenly results.

  • Practical hacks

    TikTok baking fans do more than showcase recipes, they also share some brilliantly useful practical hacks from food prep to equipment must-knows. For example, take the fiddle out of hulling strawberries with a straw and peel a mango using a wine glass.

    And as for equipment, have your baking trays all set to go with this simple but effective storage solution and make tearing parchment paper a doddle with this neat trick.

    Bake Off, we’re ready for ya!

Cake Factory

Successful and Creative baking anytime!

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