That’s A Wrap Hack!

by Tefal Team on 31 August 2021
  • Heard about the tortilla folding hack that’s taken the internet by storm? Jump on the trend with our easy how-to and selection of droolworthy recipes. Get ready to wrap and fold…

  • How it started

    TikTok loves a fun food hack (see hot cocoa bombs and the no mess lemon squeeze). So when a canny TikTokker shared a game-changing method for creating a stuffed and folded wrap, others – many, many others – quickly followed suit.A few months on and there are countless filling ideas. We’ve picked out our faves to share with you, but first let’s learn how it’s done.

  • Cut and fold

    Take a large tortilla and make one slice from the centre to the outer edge. Next, pop your choice of fillings in each ‘quarter’ (e.g., one quarter: tomato salsa, the next: a slice of ham, the third: shredded lettuce and the final: grated cheese).

    Now it’s time to fold. Starting with the quarter on the left of the cut, fold the tortilla over onto the next quarter and again and again until you finish with a fat triangle. Then lightly oil a good non-stick pan or grill and sear your creation to perfection.

  • Get your fill

    What you stuff your tortilla with is ultimately your business but take a lead from these scrumptious savoury fillers. Try a classic BLT, and lazy breakfast or an easy pizza wrap to start you off.

    Feeling a little more adventurous? Check out this ludicrously good beef taco foldover, stuffed with spicy beef, beans and all the taco trimmings. Or dial up the heat with this kimchi cheese version.

  • Did someone say dessert wraps? Sweet!

    Now you’re on a wrap hack roll (or should that be fold?), turn your attention to the sweet stuff. How about this delectable caramel apple wrap oozing with homemade sticky caramel? Or take advantage of seasonal strawberries (link to strawberry blog) to knock together this strawberry cheesecake wonder.

    If you want to go all out, throw everything at it with this loaded dessert wrap. With peanut butter, chocolate spread, marshmallow fluff, sliced fruit and crumbled biscuits, it’s one helluva treat.

    It’s over to you. Try these recipes and then see what weird and wonderful combos you come up with – we’d love to know!

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