In Season: British Strawberries

by Tefal Team on 27 August 2021
  • Forget year-round supermarket imports, seek out seasonal British-grown strawberries for unbeatable flavour. When they’re this tasty, you’ll want extra helpings – good job we’ve got tonnes of berry delicious recipes to enjoy them in!

  • Berry or not?

    This will come as a shock, but strawberries aren’t in fact true berries. Wait, what? With very obvious seeds on the outside rather than in, strawberries are actually classified as aggregate fruits. Mind slightly blown there.

    All the other stuff is true. They’re full of vitamin C, folate, potassium and fibre and are thought to be good for the heart, regulating blood sugar and weight management. They’re also jolly tasty and at their best over the summer months.

  • Pick of the crop

    Choose British-grown berries that are blemish-free and have bright green hulls. Readily available in supermarkets, you’ll find locally grown produce and more varieties at farmers’ markets. Better still, pick your own!

    Store in the fridge but set them on the counter or even in the sun for an hour or so before eating for best flavour. Gently wash and then hull them before gobbling them up or holding out to use in one of these summer loving recipes.

  • Savoury bites

    We’re starting strong with a tongue tingling strawberry salsa – that’s right, strawberry salsa. You have to try it to believe it but trust us, it’s a winner. Serve it with all sorts, but we recommend grilled halloumi or a veg-packed buddha bowl.

    Wow at your next barbeque by popping these strawberry kebabs with basil on the grill. A simple balsamic vinegar and honey dressing together with fresh basil really makes the strawberries sing.

    Or how about roasted strawberry glazed pork chops with strawberry spinach salad? The full-flavoured glaze can also be used on tofu or tempeh instead, while the salad is delicious all on its own.

  • Keep ‘em sweet

    You’d be a fool not to try this scrummy summer dessert. A strawberry fool that is (groan). Check out the genius cornflake granola topping and have a crack at your own strawberry jam.

    For crisp-on-the-outside-chewy-in-the-middle meringue topped with cream and juicy chopped strawberries, perfect your pavlova skills with a little help from the Cake Factory. If making a mess is more your style, make it an Eton mess.

    Sail away with a berry-filled twist on a retro French pud. Floating islands traditionally features vanilla custard, but this fruity version swaps in a strawberry coulis and is topped with fruit and caramel sauce.

  • Strawberry sips

    Toss strawberries, sugar, yogurt and cream in a blender and you’ve got yourself a velvety strawberry lassi. Prefer it dairy free? Try this refreshing strawberry smoothie instead.

    Cocktails love a strawberry, just check out this giant list of 22 berry yummy cocktails. And with names like Kentucky Kiss, Cherub’s Cup and Floating on Cloud 9, we really do mean love.

    Strawberries may be available all year, but now’s the time to remind yourself just how good seasonal British berries are. Berry, berry good.

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