In Season: More Potatoes, Please!

by Tefal Team on 22 July 2021
  • With a glut of veg to rave about right now, the humble spud often gets overlooked. So we’re digging deep to celebrate this versatile root vegetable with tasty British grown varieties and how to enjoy them at their best.

  • A bit about spuds

    Roasties, chips and mash are so much a part of the British diet, it’s easy to forget that the much-loved tatty came over from America in the 16th century. Thankfully, favourable UK growing conditions have made it a mainstay crop ever since.

    Potatoes aren’t often praised for their health benefits, but they’re full of good things like potassium, thiamine, folate, and vitamins C and B6. They’re also gluten- and fat-free (minus the butter), and eaten with their skins on, provide a good dose of fibre – not bad!

  • Varieties and what they’re best for

    Generally, there are two types of potato: waxy and floury. Waxy tend to stay firm when cooked so are a good choice for salads or to boil or steam and top with butter. The fluffy texture of cooked floury potatoes makes them great for chips, jackets and roasties.

    But what about mash, you say? That’s where best-of-both all-rounders come in. These potatoes have both waxy and floury qualities, giving them a delicious creamy texture when cooked – mmm.

    You’ll find a wide range of UK grown potatoes if you shop around, including Jersey Royals, Anya, King Edward, Maris Piper, Desiree, Charlotte, Russet, Rooster and Vivaldi. Learn more here.

  • Potato side show

    Potato side servings are the supporting act to so many dishes; it’s time to put them in the spotlight. So if you’re going to have chips, make sure they’re the best ever or give them a tasty twist with Tex Mex flavours. (Don’t have the ActiFry app? Download it here.)

    Swap traditional roast potatoes for these crazy good crispy squashed potatoes. And take your potato salad to new heights with this next level potato salad – it’s a little extra effort very well spent.

    Mash can be lush – or lumpy. Get it spot on with this recipe and top tips. And if you have any mash left over, use it for these amazing potato pancakes.

  • Make a meal of it

    A simple potato frittata makes a quick and satisfying dish, but add a few herbs and spices and you’ll create this magnificent Bombay potato fritter. Serve with mango chutney and raita for a flavour-packed midweek meal.

    Tasty little potato and flour dumplings, gnocchi are normally a bit of a faff to prepare. Not so with these easy rustic gnocchi! Throw in asparagus, parmesan and olive oil or switch in your favourite green veg. Equally tasty with a good spoonful of pesto.

    Try new or Charlotte potatoes in this gut-loving, utterly yummy crispy spud salad with sauerkraut, ham hock and peas. Or go for the ultimate bowlful – smoked haddock chowder. Pop the ingredients in the Cook4Me for 11 minutes to food heaven!

    We’ll end on an epic Sunday lunch with potatoes so good, they unashamedly steal the show. We give you roast chicken with lemon stuffing served with (most importantly) three-ingredient crispy pan potatoes. We’ve never seen spuds look more a-peel-ing…


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