Fill Your (Reusable) Cup With These Epic Beverages

by Tefal Team on 15 June 2021
  •  We’re raising a refillable cup to World Refill Day by lining up the most delicious drinks you can pop in your bottles and travel mugs to enjoy on the go.

  • Why use reusable?

    It’s estimated that a whopping 20,000 single use plastic bottles are made worldwide every second. And according to, 206 million trees are felled globally each year to produce a brain-boggling 500 billion coffee cups.

    So there’s really no excuse not to do your bit and take a refillable water bottle or travel mug with you when you’re out and about. The bonus is you can fill it with something yummy so you’re good to go!

  • H2-Ohh…

    Remember your reusable bottle and there’ll be no need to ever buy bottled water again. And if you run dry while you’re out, there’s a handy app to help find your nearest refill station.

    Go beyond plain water by adding some fruity cubes to your bottle. Or opt for one of these easy infused water ideas – the fuzzy fruit cooler is simply delish.

  • Tea and coffee to go

    Make a fresh cuppa to take with you by all means, but now that summer’s here why not give it a cool twist? We’re loving this blueberry and mint iced tea and we’ll be making this Starbucks-inspired iced mocha to skip the queues.

    With a little more time on your hands, get to grips with a fabulous cold brew coffee or give cold brew tea a go – you’ll be glad you did.

  • Fun and fruity

    Packed with goodness, this grapefruit, carrot and apple juice is a tasty way to start the day.

    Make the most of delicious seasonal strawberries with this zinging smoothie. Just pop the 3 ingredients into the blender, whizz and go!

  • Mocktails on the move

    If you’re meeting a mate for a walk or you want holiday vibes on a picnic, treat yourself to a delicious mocktail. A virgin piña colada will take you straight to the beach so whizz up the ingredients minus the booze and enjoy.

    Or make it really simple but oh, so good with a sweet sunrise. It’s a tequila sunrise without the tequila so perfect for sunup, midday sun or even sunset.

  • Squeaky clean

    Even if only filled with plain water, reusable bottles must be cleaned every day to stop the build-up of bacteria. A bottle brush and warm, soapy water make easy work of it; always give the lid and the area you drink from a really good wash.

    Some travel mugs and bottles are dishwasher safe, usually on the top rack, so check the specific instructions for yours.

  • Remember, remember

    Make it a habit to clean your water bottle or travel mug as soon as you get home and pop it straight back into your bag, as you’re more likely to forget it when you’re dashing out of the door.

    If you’re making one of these delicious creations to take with you, place it next to something you can’t leave the house without. We’ve been known to hang keys around our travel mugs in the fridge – works like a charm.

    Helping the planet and enjoying a yummy drink on the go? We like the taste of that!

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