10 Tasty Veggie Poké-Style Bowls

by Tefal Team on 13 May 2021
  • Delicious, fresh and full of good things, we’ve rounded up the best veggie poké-style bowls for you to enjoy this National Vegetarian Week.

  • What is Poké?

    Traditionally, poké (pronounce poh-keh) is a Hawaiian fish dish made with raw marinated Ahi tuna, sticky rice, veg and pickles. The word poké means to slice, referring to the diced fish.

    Poké bowls have exploded in popularity around the world in recent years and the ingredients have evolved to include some sensational all-veg varieties.

  • Poké prep

    Being the ultimate in assembly dishes, poké bowls are perfect to prep beforehand by going on a chopping mission. Store the ingredients separately in the fridge until you’re ready to build your poké bowl.

    So now you know your poké, here’s our top 10 veggie bowls for you to try…

  • 1. Portobello poké

    This vegan poke bowl includes juicy marinated slices of portobello mushroom and a deliciously simple spicy mayo. Yum!

  • 2. Tofu treats

    Swap out the raw fish and add flavour-packed sesame ginger tofu in this glorious plant-based poké bowl.

  • 3. Juicy jackfruit

    This quick and easy poké bowl  uses pre-marinated jackfruit for speed; try this recipe for teriyaki jackfruit if you’re buying it plain.

  • 4. Tahini topped

    We’re loving this vegan poké bowl drizzled in a scrumptious tahini sauce. For perfectly crisp tofu, use the ultimate non-stick pan.

  • 5. Awesome avocado

    As well as creamy avocados and a zesty dressing, this poké bowl is made with cauliflower rice, a tasty alternative to the traditional grain.

  • 6. Ocean commotion

    This ocean-style poke bowl packs in a fair few ingredients but it’s worth it for the amazing flavours. Make things a little easier by popping the rice in a rice cooker while you get to work on those pickles!

  • 7. Watermelon wonder

    If you want a veggie poké bowl that looks just like the real deal, try this knock-out marinated watermelon poké.

  • 8. Tempting tempeh

    This simple poké bowl includes tempeh marinated overnight in teriyaki sauce for deep and satisfying flavours.

  • 9. Rainbow poké

    With mango, corn, avocado, sweet potato and pomegranate seeds, this super colourful poké bowl makes eating the rainbow an absolute pleasure.

  • 10. Black bean and banana

    We’re rounding off our top ten with this utterly scrumptious black bean and plantain banana bowl . It doesn’t call itself poké, but it has many of the trademark elements and it’s just too good not to share.

    Poké fun at lunch with these delicious dishes!

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