Your Air Fryer Can Do What?!

by Tefal Team on 22 February 2021
  • Perfect chips, fabulous fake aways; air fryers are the answer to creating our favourite meals with just a fraction of the cooking oil. But did you know your air fryer also offers some game-changing kitchen hacks? Join us on a voyage of discovery…

  • Guacamole saviour

    It’s Taco Tuesday and all is well until you pick up an avocado to make the all-important guac and disaster – it’s rock solid! Luckily, news that wrapping an unripe avo in foil and popping it in the air fryer for 10 minutes will soften it up for mashing saves the day – hurray!

    Egg-cellent for hard boiling

    We all know how to hard-boil an egg, right? Place it in a saucepan of boiling water for 12 minutes or so and job done. But there’s another way and it’s as simple as popping it in the air fryer. No water, no cracked shell, just perfectly hard boiled results. Ta da!

  • Looks after leftovers

    Don’t use the microwave to heat up leftover food, pop in your air fryer for scrumptious eats. Set the temperature lower and the food won’t over-cook, it’ll reheat till beautifully crisp and ready to tuck into.

    It’s worth mentioning here that not all air fryers are created equally. For a hands-off cooking experience that keeps things moving and gives perfect results every time, you need to go with the UK’s No.1.

    Get your snack on

    Swap shop bought snacks with delicious homemade munchies with the help of your air fryer. All sorts of nuts can be roasted up in minutes, like these salt and pepper roasted mixed nuts. And our nifty ActiFry app will walk you through the steps to healthy and tasty toasted pumkin seeds.

    Then there are fresh crisps. Thinly slice a potato, spray with a little oil and crisp up to perfection. This recipe has some great tips. Sweet potatoes and other root veggies also make cracking air fryer crisps.

  • Genius cooking

    Fuss-free meals never looked this good. As if cooking delicious food with little to no oil wasn’t enough, the ActiFry Genius 2 in 1  goes even further by cooking up more than just one part of your meal – all with little effort.

    With two cooking zones and a unique stirring paddle, steak and chips, chicken and roasties, salmon and veggies (and many more yummy combos) are served up at the touch of a button. No wonder it’s the UK’s No.1 air fryer!

    Dough with it

    News flash – you can use your air fryer to make superb pizza! Just check out this recipe for a classic margarita. And if you want to crisp up some leftover pizza, it’s great for that too.

    Freshly ‘baked’ pull-apart bread is also well within your grasp. You even use the air fryer to prove the dough – genius!

    Not only can your air fryer handle pizza and rolls, it’s also up to the job of creating all sorts of bready delights. How about trying your own homemade naan next time curry’s on the menu?

  • Bake it up

    Did you know you can air fry cake? Yep, you read that right. And when it’s this easy, it definitely needs to be done. Start off with a classic – rich, fudgy brownies. Or try this incredible zingy lemon pound cake.

    And if you thought churros were a deep fryer only treat, think again. These irresistible Mexican pastries are easy to do in an air fryer. For the dip, the salted chocolate sauce in this recipe will work wonders.

    You’ll never look at your air fryer in the same way again!


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