Fab Fakeaways For A Happy Chinese New Year!

by Tefal Team on 12 February 2021
  • Create a firecracker Chinese feast at home with these amazing fakeaway recipes.

  • Takeaway heroes

    Think you could never love sweet and sour chicken as much as you do from your fave takeaway? Then you really need to try this recipe. With just one spoon of oil and minimal effort you’ll be converted in 20 minutes flat.

    Or is hoisin chicken your guilty takeaway pleasure? Banish the bad feeling and tuck into this Slimming World and WW friendly version. Sticky sauce fans will also drool over this heavenly Chinese chilli beef.

    Why make it when ordering is so easy, you ask? Well, you can forget that excuse when you see just how straightforward FabFood4All makes it. Try this succulent beef and veg stir-fry recipe here or sample Wallflower Kitchen’s vegetable stir-fry master class.

  • Oodles of noodles

    Make noodles the mein event and chow down on this can’t-believe-it’s-not-takeaway easy beef chow mein. So good you’ll be diving in for seconds. And thirds.

    Avoid that post-takeaway stodge feeling with these healthy, grease-free Chinese noodles from HungryHealthyHappy – cook them right now here.

    If rice noodles are more your thing then look no further than these Singapore-style noodles. Bursting with fresh flavours, this much-loved dish has it all: chicken, prawns, veg, noodles and more marinades than you can shake a chop stick at!

  • Sensational sides

    Sticky spiced ribs are a menu highlight you won’t be missing out on if you’re cooking this show stopping Chinese five spice spare ribs recipe at home. Or make a simple and delicious version in the ActiFry.

    These sweet and sour chicken bites are a doddle to make. Serve up a portion and bask in the praise. Just don’t forget to try some before they get polished off.

    Want to know the secret to crispy seaweed? It’s not actually seaweed. The other secret? It’s super easy to make – try this twice-cooked crispy seaweed and have your mind completely blown.

    Of course, no Chinese fakeaway is complete without a perfect portion of egg fried rice, and this handy tutorial shows you just how to do it.

    Crack open a fortune cookie – we predict scrumptious times ahead!


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