New Style New Year’s Resolutions

by Tefal Team on 10 December 2020
  • Could this year’s experiences influence our resolutions for 2021? Before you make some, take a look at possible pledges to commit to this New Year.

  • Put health and fitness first

    A blow out Christmas and New Year means healthy eating and getting fit are always top of the resolution list. And first to fall by the wayside. But after PE with Joe and getting out for our hour of exercise, maybe these are resolutions we can stick to this time?

    Bookmark this round up of tasty, healthy meals and check out these brilliant ways to stick to your fitness goals.

  • Learn a new skill

    Or should that be recommit to hobbies taken up in lockdown? If you found time to try out a new skill this year, January’s the perfect time to get back into it.

    Maybe you baked your first loaf or gave chess a go, starting learning a new language or discovered a love for DIY. You’ve laid the groundwork so stick with it!

  • Get green fingers

    2020 sparked a grow-your-own frenzy. There were waiting lists for greenhouses, seeds out of stock and essential viewing in the form of Gardeners World. We realised that growing something – from herbs on a windowsill or veg in a plot – is very therapeutic.

    Whether you were part of this year’s gardening gang or always meant to give it a go, set some green intentions for 2021 and get growing.

  • Cook up something wonderful

    More time at home and supermarket shortages got us stuck in a menu rut. Time to take back control by expanding your recipe repertoire. Pledging to try a new dish every week is a great way to do this.

    Not sure where to start? Make it super easy by downloading a cooking app so you can search for dishes depending on what’s in your fridge and get inspired by the latest tasty recipes.

  • Time to travel?

    With travel so restricted this year, we’re itching to get away. No one knows for sure when we’ll be able to holiday as we did before but we needn’t go far to take a break from the norm.

    When it’s safe to do so, start by exploring more of what’s on your doorstep, you might be surprised by what you’ve overlooked. If you’re hoping to go further afield, be flexible, get good cover and check out these other essential travel tips.

  • Down to earth pledges

    Some of the changes we’ve had to make in 2020 have had a positive impact on the planet. A silver (or should that be green?) lining to a difficult time. Less commuting, buying locally and appreciating nature have all played a part.

    Build on the good work by pledging to eat more veggie meals, not leave electrical stuff on standby and remember your reusables. Small changes that add up to a big deal.

  • Keep in touch

    We’ve found new ways to check in with loved ones this year. And now we know how easy virtual catch-ups are – here’s how to get that legendary potato filter – there’s no excuse not to stay connected in 2021.

    Commit to calling an old friend you’re back in touch with and bake cake for neighbours you know just that little bit better now. It’s the good bits about this year that’ll make the best resolutions for next.

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