Easy Christmas Eve Feasting

by Tefal Team on 10 December 2020
  • Spare yourself the hassle and line up some deliciously simple recipes for a relaxing Christmas Eve. From easy dinners to make ahead feasts, we’ve got it all wrapped up!

  • Keep it light

    Can’t wait to tuck into pigs in blankets? Serve up pigs in blankets sausages rolls the night before and you won’t have to! Try with this next-level cauliflower, parsnip and roasted garlic mash to make more of a meal of it.

    Grab a few extra sprouts and put together these wonderfully, weirdly festive cranberry and Brussels sprouts nachos. It’s a new one on us but we’re always up for some flavour innovation.

    These beef koftas are ridiculously simple to make. Serve with salad and warm pittas or rice for a satisfying light meal in minutes.

  • Whip up something warming

    After dashing around all day with last-minute preparations, you’ll be dreaming of a hearty meal with zero effort required. Hello creamy pork and sherry casserole with parmesan dumplings! This recipe can be made 48 hours ahead (minus dumplings) or even frozen, so if you really want to take it easy make it now.

    This fish pie is an absolute doddle if you’re after the ultimate creamy, comforting dish. Crisp and golden topping guaranteed.

    Left dinner a bit late? Ready in next to no time, this vegetable chowder with croutons is a perfect winter warmer served with a hunk of crusty bread.

  • Fancy, not fiddly

    Ramp up the excitement for the big day with a showstopping dinner – one that requires minimal work that is. And what could feel more wintery and special than a classic cheese fondue?

    If you think beef wellington is a stretch for an easy Christmas Eve feast, think again. This faff-free recipe will have you enjoying a slap up dinner on the night.

    For something that looks so festive and fancy, this baked salmon fillet with pickled cranberries, parsley and pistachios is super simple to do. You’ll need to make the pickled cranberries ahead of time though, so why not take a look now?

  • And for afters…

    These chocolate pots contain some surprising ingredients that come together to make something pretty fantastic. They take just 10 minutes to prepare so are definitely worth a try.

    Homemade honeycomb is a wonderful thing. So simple and fun to make, it’s like a delicious science project! Have a go with these chocolate-dipped crunchy bites.

    For the perfect tipple, try this gingerbread spiced mulled wine. It’s bursting with Christmas spices from cinnamon and cloves to star anise and cardamom. And if there’s any spare, leaving some out for Santa will guarantee your place on the nice list 😉

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