Go Nutty For Chestnuts

by Tefal Team on 09 December 2020
  • It’s that wonderful time of the year – chestnuts are in season! Roast them on an open fire or try them in one of these fabulously festive recipes. But first let’s find out a bit more about them…

  • Fruit or nut?

    Chestnuts come from the sweet chestnut tree. They’re a tree nut, which is classified as a fruit with a single edible seed. So they’re a seed? Kind of. It’s complicated. They’re one of a small group of true nuts though (along with hazelnuts) so we’re calling ‘em nuts.

    Not to be confused with horse chestnuts (conkers) or water chestnuts (an edible aquatic tuber) these little marvels are packed with goodness. Low in fat and high in fibre, they’re a good source of calcium, iron and zinc as well as vitamins B and E.

  • Root out and roast

    Available from most supermarkets and green grocers at this time of year, they’re also fun to forage. If you’re buying them look for large ones with shiny shells that feel weighty in your hand.

    Whether you roast them on the fire or in a very hot oven, here’s how to do it. To cook with, chestnuts can also be boiled or steamed in a pressure cooker for easy peeling.

  • Go nuts

    Start simple with this super-easy way to enjoy hot butter-fried chestnuts. Snack on them or add as a nutty addition to dishes like risotto or apple crumble.

    Savoury chestnut puree makes a delicious side (FYI great with turkey) or ingredient in a tasty veggie dish. Alternatively, sweet chestnut puree is perfect for puds – take a peek below.


  • Nut your ordinary dinner…

    Give pasta a seasonal twist with this quick and scrumptious gammon and chestnut pappardelle. Or tuck into chestnut dumplings in this mouth-watering pheasant stew.

    For something totally different, try porcini and chestnut seitan, as easy as popping a few ingredients in the ActiFry and serving with basmati rice – winner.

  • Sweet as a nut

    A new take on regular choc chip cookies, these cranberry and chestnut loaded ones have December teatime treat written all over them.

    This boozy chocolate and chestnut refrigerator cake is another must-try delight. And if you’re a meringue fan you’ll love these mini Monts Blancs.

  • Merry chestnuts

    Make chestnuts the star of the show this Christmas by adding them to everything from breakfast Danish pastries to mincemeat and the all-important Brussels sprouts!

    Stuff them in the turkey with this ultra festive cranberry and chestnut stuffing and give the gravy a chestnut makeover.

    Finally, have a go at making the perfect indulgent homemade gift – chestnut truffles. So good you might not want to share…


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