Know Your Cabbages

by Tefal Team on 06 November 2020
  • Cabbage isn’t just plain ol’ cabbage. It comes in marvellous varieties that are in season at different times of the year. We’re championing what’s good to eat right now and how to make the most of it… 

  • White on time

    With more than a passing resemblance to an iceberg lettucewhite cabbage is a firm, tightly packed head of pale green to white leavesChoose one that looks crisp and feels heavy for its size (a good trick for all cabbage selection). 

    Aside from coleslaw, one of the most popular things to do with white cabbage is to pickle it. Have a go with this simple sauerkraut recipe and serve it with a warming casserole or dolloped in a sarnie. 

    Prefer your white cabbage hot? Try these cabbage steaks with crispy pancetta and parmesanMake life easier by using a pan that goes from hob to oven to table, couldn’t be simpler. 

    Or turn shredded white cabbage into okonomiyaki (delicious Japanese fritters) by frying it up and serving with okonomiyaki sauce or your fave hot relish 

  • Red-y right now

    Packed full of antioxidants – almost twice the amount of vitamin C as white cabbage – red cabbage is equally at home in Asian dishes and traditional Sunday roasts. Have some fun with this diverse selection of recipes.  

    A spice-infused alternative to the traditional offering, this spiced Indian slaw piles in cashews, chilli and cumin as well as a homemade yogurt and lime dressing. Yes please! 

    Mix it up with this quince-glazed cabbage with chorizo traybake – guaranteed to liven up mid-week. Fiery, smoky and sweet, it’s full of unusual ingredients like dried figs, caraway seeds and quince. 

    Kimchi is a bit of a buzzword in the good gut diet thanks to its probiotic properties. It’s usually made with Chinese cabbage but this recipe features red cabbage. It tastes amazing and will add a rainbow of colour to your plate. 

    If red cabbage screams Christmas dinner to you then save this special braised version with apple, bacon and balsamic vinegar for the festive season. 

  • Ahoy Savoy!

    Easy to spot due to its distinctive crinkly, dark green leaves, Savoy cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals (especially vits C and K) and low in calories. It’s got great texture for cooking and can be used in all sorts of recipes. Check these out: 

    Rumbledethumps. Bless you? No, it’s a traditional and delish Scottish recipe that smashes together potato, Savoy cabbage and cheese to produce something comforting and wonderful.  

    It also works well in pasta. Take this garlicky linguine with cabbage and anchovy, a delicious mix of flavours topped off with yummy, cheesy crumbs.  

    Similar in look but not in flavour, this stir-fry cabbage with mushrooms and noodles is one of those meals that’s easy to throw together with few ingredientsOr try these stuffed cabbage rolls for a quick and tasty veggie supper. 

    Don’t know about you but we’re feeling excited about cabbage for the first time in… well, ever! Okonomiyaki – we’re coming for you. 

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