S’mores And More For An Alternative Bonfire Night

by Tefal Team on 04 November 2020
  • Missing the atmosphere of a November 5th celebration? All’s not lost with these bonfire treats to try at home.  

    We may not be one of the crowd in the glow of a giant bonfire this year but we can recreate a little of that magic with sparklers and a selection of these Bonfire Night delights 

  • Hot dogs and spiders

    A sausage in a bun is a plain good eat for bonfire night but why not go the whole hog and make chilli dogs instead? Chilli beef, grilled  hot dogs, soft buns and tasty toppings – that’s what we’re talking about! 

     Or if it’s all a bit last minute, these spider dogs are easy to make and look like nothing you’ve served before. Pop them in burger buns as those crazy shapes won’t fit in finger rolls. 

  • Turnovers

    Another brilliant handheld snack for the occasion in a jam-packed turnover. Not only jam but spiced applecheesy steak and mushroom and spicy vegetable.  

    Never tackled a turnover? Making them is a doddle with this nifty bit of kit.

  • Make your own marshmallow

    Why make them when they’re so easy to pick up in the supermarket? Glad you asked. Making marshmallows is surprisingly straightforward, super tasty and allows you to experiment with fab flavours (mint choc chip anyone?)  

    Another good reason is that veggie/vegan marshmallows can be tricky to come by. If you don’t want to use gelatin (which is an animal product)try these insteadOnce ready, pop them on a stick and toast or try them in… 


  • S’mores galore!

    This American campfire treat is traditionally made with Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Personally, we’re liking this salted caramel variationAnd then there’s s’mores dip – mmm. 

    S’mores don’t have to be sweet either. Try this cheese and bacon variety or posh it up with prosciutto and homemade herb crackers 

  • Fruity fun times

    Sneak in some of their five a day with some yummy, fruity bonfire goodies. The classic toffee apple is given an extra flourish and crunch with some roasted chopped hazelnuts in this recipe 

    Or get creative and try one of these 9 different ways to prep scrummy banana boatsWe’ve got our eye on the honey and candied ginger option. 

  • Ultimate hot chocolate

    It’s cold out there so warm drinks to wrap your mitts around are a must. It’s got to be hot chocolate, right? This epic hot chocolate has the works thrown in including Horlicks and cinnamon. 

    Or maybe this white hot chocolate, complete with tasty variations, is more your thing. Top with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles for added indulgence.   

    And for the grown-ups, a collection of boozy hot chocolates ijust the job to warm the cockles on the night. These’ll be handy for the festive season too so bookmark them now. 

    Bonfire Night might look a bit different this year but these treats will give it some sparkle! 

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