Cheese Lover’s Guide To: Ricotta

by Tefal Team on 05 October 2020
  • We’ve got a lotta ricotta in this cheesefest of a blog. Learn where it comes from, how to make it (yes, actually make it yourself!) and what to best do with it in our tasty guide…

  • The scoop on ricotta

    This Italian soft cheese is usually a by-product from making other cheese; the curds are used for cheeses like mozzarella while the whey is reheated to make ricotta. The name ricotta even means ‘cook again’. Neat, right?

    Low in fat and high in protein, it can be made with sheep, cow, goat or buffalo milk and is usually mild in flavour and slightly grainy. Ricotta’s also super versatile, suitable at any time of the day from breakfast to bakes and dinner.

  • Get some

    It’s not just tubs of creamy, fluffy cheese; there are a few other types of ricotta out there. We’re focussing on fresh ricotta but whatever you choose, store it in the fridge and eat it up before the use by date or within a few days of opening.

    Satisfyingly, you can make your own ricotta cheese with whole milk, some lemon and around half an hour of time.

  • Top toast toppers

    Ricotta’s mellow flavour makes it an ideal base for both sweet and savoury toppings. It’s an easy treat on toast; try this seasonal blackberry and pine nut tartine or French toast with whipped ricotta and figs.

    Prefer savoury? Opt for oven-roasted tomatoes and ricotta on toast or spinach eggs and ricotta toast. Delish!

  • Bowled over

    Give a hearty veg soup the five-star treatment with ricotta dumplings. We’re predicting those cheesy morsels might find their way into many other soups and stews this winter!

    Or pop ricotta in pasta like this quick and easy courgette, ricotta and chilli spaghetti or this sensational salmon and lemon-ricotta pasta.

  • Ricotta love

    We’re seriously crushing on this herb and ricotta chicken with mushroom rice recipe. Super-healthy posh nosh that’s a doddle to make – what’s not to love?

    Make a date with these sirloin steaks topped with tomato, ricotta and quick onion pickle or go naked with gnudi (nude ravioli that is…)

  • Yes cheese!

    Of course, for some ricotta is all about the sweet stuff. Mild and creamy, it’s perfect for puddings like this deliciously healthy chocolate orange ricotta mousse.

    It’s also great for baking and is the secret ingredient in these self-proclaimed best ever homemade doughnuts – lemon, vanilla and ricotta are a magic combo.

    If you can’t bring yourself to share the doughnuts (we’re with you there), knock up a batch of these cute peach, pistachio and ricotta friands (mini muffins) to treat friends and family.

    Whether you pick up a tub with the weekly shop or have a bash at making your own, get some ricotta going on this week!

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