10 Recipes You Need This World Vegetarian Day

by Tefal Team on 25 September 2020
  • The 1st October has been about celebrating vegetarianism since the 70s. But if it feels like some of your veggie recipes have been around for just as long then it’s time to update the menu with some delicious new dishes.

  • Scrummy snacks

    1. Peg these eggs

    Turn traditional Scotch eggs on their head with this droolworthy rogan josh-infused alternative . A soft-boiled egg encased in mixed grains, mint and curry paste, coated with naan crumbs and served with mango chutney – mmm, let’s get cracking!

    1. All hail kale

    Turns out hush puppies are also little American savoury doughnuts made with polenta batter – who knew? Give ‘em a go with this yummy kale hush puppies and lemon aioli recipe.

    1. Fritter frenzy

    The best bit about fritters is that, apart from being super easy to make, you can add any veg to the pan for scrummy results. This squash and sweetcorn number has a bonus zingy cucumber dip.

  • Lovely lunches

    1. Nutty noodles

    A dish that’s good for you and looks as good as it tastes? Four words: peanut soba noodle slaw. Trust us, it’s abso-veggin’-lutely amazing.

    1. Posh bubble and squeak

    Yes, bubble and squeak is as old as time but this all veggie version gives it a little update with oozy cheddar cheese (link to cheddar blog) and a cute serving style.

    1. A slice of spanakopita

    This Greek spinach and feta cheese pie is a herb, veg and cheese taste sensation and makes an awesome lunch with a simple side salad.

    1. Delightful dahl and roti

    Our fave dahl recipe of all time, this creamy, spicy lentil bowl is sure to be a winner with you too. The recipe includes easy homemade rotis, perfect for a bread-making novice.

  • Super duper suppers

    1. Potty for pie…

    As the days grow cooler and the nights draw in, this creamy vegetarian pot pie is a brilliantly simple, seasonal and comforting meal to have on standby. Stick to the recipe or add in other veggies that take your fancy/need eating up.

    1. Sweet on stew

    It’s all about West African flavours right now and this fabulous sweet potato and greens stew has it all going on. Veggies swimming in ginger, spices, mouth-warming chilli and soothing coconut milk – and all prepared in one pot to keep it breezy.

    1. Ravioli worth raving about

    This is one special dish: homemade pasta, a beautiful butternut squash filling and not one but two knock out sauces. Say hello to squash ravioli with mushrooms and sage pesto.

    Don’t be put off by the lengthy ingredients list; it’s all pretty straightforward and deliciously seasonal. Inspired? Get your fill of DIY pasta inspo with our ‘prep homemade pasta like a pro’ blog.

    There you have it, 10 recipes to really veg out on. After all, World Vegetarian Day is just the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month…


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