Pak In The Flavour

by Tefal Team on 11 September 2020
  • Pak Choi, until quite recently, only found in specialist Asian grocery stores is now a regular in most supermarkets and veg boxes. It’s no surprise since it’s a sweet and tender green veg that goes great in stir-fries, tom yums, thai curries, ramen soups as well as loads of other delish food, that we’re totally going to be cooking tonight now that we’ve started thinking about it.

  • What’s the deal?

    It’s related to cabbage, but it’s light-years away from stinky school dinners (if you’re of a certain age you’ll be able to relate). Super easy to prepare, and very quick to cook, it’s an awesome ingredient. It doesn’t keep brilliantly though, so plan to use shortly after buying.

  • Pak Choi? Bok Choi?

    It’s a kind of po-tay-to, po-tah-to thing. Bok Choi is just another name for pak choi, so no need to adjust your recipes or your cooking times. Just enjoy.

  • Choose wisely

    Pak Choi can be picked small and tender, or larger, darker and firmer. Either is fine, but the smaller ones go better in stir fries and light cooking. Larger ones hold up better for soups, broths, curries and roasts. Either way a good one will look perky and firm. If they look like petrol station flowers a week after Mother’s Day, avoid.

  • A quick pick for a health kick

    Like most leafy greens it’s low in calories for the serving size and packs in plenty of fibre and vitamins. In short it’s an excellent part of a healthy, balanced diet. Although it can be quite high in sodium. So maybe ease back on your inner ‘Salt Bae’ if it’s making a regular appearance on your menu. Also, if you don’t want to cook the wotsits out of your veg and actually retain some of the nutrition, get yourself a Tefal Veggie Pan, with a thermospot that changes colour when the pan’s the ideal for cooking veg without killing the nutrition.

  • Cabbage countdown

    A veg guide wouldn’t be much cop if we didn’t give you our favourite recipes. So, call it lockdown fever, call it childish favouritism – but this month we’ve rounded them up into a thrilling (alright, alright, mildly interesting) top ten countdown.

    1. Garlic Pak Choi by the Forked Spoon 

    Coming in last, based on it’s absolute obviousness, but also couldn’t not be in the listness,

    this recipe adds a bit of flourish with sesame oil and peppers.


    1. Simple Oyster sauce by the School of Wok 

    Earning its place here not just because of the awesome puntastic name, but also the inclusion of oyster sauce for authentic Asian flavours.


    1. Chicken stir-fry by BBC Good Food 

    We like this recipe because it’s a great stir-fry where the pak choi plays a starring role and there aren’t too many distractions. It’s a good approach. Bunging everything under the sun into a wok doesn’t make for great cooking.

    1. Pak Choi Veggie Ramen by the Great British Chefs

    Ramen good, pak choi good, veggie meal good. This is dang good eating and would probably be a lot higher up the list if we weren’t severely addicted to pork.


    1. Pak Choi Pad Thai by Jamie Oliver 

    Another veggie winner here from the king of tasty and simple. Coming in at six because it includes tofu, which can be a bit marmite. But only if you marinade it in marmite.


    1. Nasi Goreng by Tesco

    You’ve got to throw a Nasi in the mix every now-and-then. It’s a brilliant fried rice dish that wins out when you want something a little different. Tesco have got it down pat. To be fair they don’t even plug their stir-in sauce, which we usually use, ‘cus we’re lazy  leading a busy and fulfilling lifestyle.


    1. Italian Vegan Soup by Hygveg 

    Just missing out on a podium position, this fusion recipe is one for the more experimental among you. Hip vibes of the recipe video will be a bit love hate too. But hey, the proof is in the eating, and this is a tasty beast.

    1. Roasted Wasabi Salmon and Pak Choi by Epicurious 

    This has got it all, a well deserved third place. Pure punch from the wasabi mayo and a quick simple prep for the Pak choi. It’s a great dish to wow everyone with, having made almost zero effort.


    1. Grilled Baby Pak Choi with Miso Butter by Food52

    Miso butter, miso butter, miso butter, miso butter, miso butter, you get it? Yes? The miso butter is beyond good.


    1. Pak Choi Kimchi by Fearless Eating 

    Taking the top spot because posting your cooking of this dish will get you more likes on insta than Kim Kardashian and let’s face it – that’s the only reason you actually bother cooking anymore. No need to eat, people only pretend to like it 😉

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