Nail Your Summer Grill Skills

by Tefal Team on 26 August 2020
  • Some say National Burger day is August 22nd this year, some say it’s the 27th. Which ones right? We don’t care! Make EVERY day Burger Day we say 😉👏. So what better way to celebrate than by tightening up your grilling skills!  Follow our tips to grilling perfection – from firing it up to cooking and cleaning. We’ve got it all covered so you can get the most from your grill this summer.

  • Lay the foundations

    Whatever the grill, it’ll need preheating so that the food cooks perfectly. Learn the art of lighting a charcoal barbecue, get your gas grill going on time and know when to switch on the electric grill – especially if your questionably changeable British weather has anything to say about it!

  • Tool up

    A good pair of tongs, a heatproof spatula and some heavy-duty oven gloves should be part of your grilling toolkit. Also, a herb brush is a great way to add extra flavour when basting your food.

    Time and temperature are essential to perfect grilling so use a timer and a food thermometer with an outdoor barbecue. Or choose a grill that takes the guesswork out of it for top results.

  • Cooking tips

    Brining meat before barbecuing will help keep it juicy. Once on the grill, resist the urge to move it, as this will stop it from searing nicely. Leaving the meat to rest for a few minutes once it’s cooked will make it beautifully tender.

    Whatever you’re cooking, go easy on the oil to as this can cause the coals to flare up. And here’s a nifty tip: coat fish in a thin layer of mayo to stop it from sticking to the grill.

    Cut veggies into thick strips to give them a good surface area for charring, or pop them on kebab sticks for easy handling. Marinating veg beforehand makes them steam so cook plain and toss them in a dressing or marinade afterwards.

  • Tongs at the ready

    Now you know how to get your grill good and ready, what should you be cooking? Start by building your ultimate burger and mastering these stickiest ever barbecue ribs. Take grilled chicken and sausages up a level with this fiery Carolina mustard BBQ sauce.

    If it’s fish you’re after, make it this succulent grilled salmon with dill cream or these irresistible spicy orange grilled shrimp.

    For veg, go for herby barbecued asparagus or these classic corn on the cob. And let’s not forget fruit! Grilled pineapple rings are delish in a burger or try grilled peaches with burrata and basil salad.

  • Keep it clean

    Not only is a dirty grill unappetising and unhygienic, it also causes food to stick. Keep your grill tiptop with these handy cleaning tips.

    Gas and charcoal grills are easier to clean when hot as the heat helps loosen the food. Use a wire brush to scrape off most of the dirt then leave it to cool before using this game-changing vinegar and bicarb technique.

    Electric grills are far more straightforward. Leave to cool, wipe and pop the plates in the dishwasher – simple.

    So what’re you waiting for? Get grilling!

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