Iron Or Garment Steamer – Which Is Best For You?

by Tefal Team on 19 August 2020
  • There’s a lot of ways to make sure you look sharp – steam irons, steam generator irons and garment steamers. But, how do you know which one’s for you?

    We’ve got the low-down to help you smooth out any wrinkles in your decision process and make sure your choice is a flat-out winner.

  • What’s the gig with a garment steamer?

    Think of it as a magic steam wand that conjures away creases as you waft it over fabric. These handy steamers make quick work of straightening out even the fiddliest garments and are an easy way to sharpen up a few outfits at a time.

    They’re also great for refreshing clothes between washes as they eliminate odour and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. Which means less washes, so you use less water, leccy and detergent – and your clothes can last longer too. Absolute winner. Best of all, they can be used on any fabric without fear of damage, from the most delicate items to fabrics around the home. This also means they’re great at

    Garment steamers heat up in seconds and don’t require an ironing board. Hang the item on the back of a door – or wherever’s handy – and you’re good to go. This makes them ideal for travel, especially compact models.

  • So that’s different to a steam generator?

    Yep. A steam generator or a steam generator iron is an iron with an added weapon, these are perfect for giant piles of ironing. A steam generator iron with a non-pressurised water tank gives you more steam and far less refilling, helping you conquer your laundry mountain.

    Or to really blast out the creases, high pressurised steam generators a step up again from a standard steam generator, these steam-blasting-bad-boys come with a built-in boiler unit and feature (you guessed it) a high-pressurised tank. This means twice the amount of steam for stunning results. Because more steam means quicker ironing. Fact.

  • Okay, so what’s a standard steam iron for then?

    The classic style that comes to mind when you think about tackling creases; these irons are perfectly suited to straightening out weekly work clobber and more. If you’re a moderate ironer, this is the one for you.

    A good quality iron with limescale solution and a soleplate that defuses steam evenly will glide effortlessly over an ironing board, straightening out stubborn creases for a fabulous finish.

  • Can I have the best of both?

    If you can’t choose between the benefits of an iron and a garment steamer, then don’t! Go for a full upgrade with an all-in-one. This innovative iron and clothes steamer solution is the business when it comes to clothes care.

    A pro at wrinkle removal, it gives you the power of a steam generator iron with the convenience of a handheld clothes steamer in one. Choose your preferred ironing position with the tilting Smart Board and tackle household fabrics in situ with the portable water tank – it’s got it covered!

    Still undecided? Try our quiz to pair up with your perfect ironing partner.


The first all in one ironing and steaming solution

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