Pukka Picnic Foodie Ideas

by Tefal Team on 30 June 2020
  • The humble picnic has shot to the top of everyones social calendar this year as it is a fab way to catch up with friends and family in lockdown and get your hands on some seriously good grub. However, a botch job, substandard basic picnic can quickly turn this delightful pastime into a dreary monotony of dry cheese sandwiches and soggy sausage rolls! It’s time to impress your friends with a top spread that would impress even Mary Berry (and she’s one tough cookie to impress). So, pay attention as we show you how to make a pukka picnic!

  • The basics

    Firstly, let’s get the basics covered. You will need a cool bag and ideally ice packs to keep your goodies fresh. No one likes a warm sticky sandwich with a rouge strawberry melted into it. Make a list before you go so you don’t forget your cutlery, kitchen roll (for sticky fingers) and the like. If you want to take your picnics up a notch upgrade your humble picnic blanket for a folding chair or even a blow-up sofa! Who said picnics can’t be boujee!

  • It’s a wrap

    Move over soggy sandwiches, we are about to get fancy! Pear and Gouda Grilled Cheese will send you to sandwich heaven! Next up antipasto mozzarella sandwich with lemony basil pesto! We know this one sounds like a level 10 sandwich delight and it is! Coronation chicken, this one is a classic and a picnic essential… and this recipe does the picnic staple justice. If a shop brought egg mayo sandwich has turned you into a hater this supercharge egg mayo recipe is sure to turn you into a loyal fan! We can’t forget the wraps, so how about this spicy vegetable and paneer wrap which is certainly not lacking in flavour. Get some delightful Thai flavours with this spicy Thai chicken salad wrap with sesame peanut dressing.

  • Glory worthy grub

    Scotch eggs deserve to be done right which is why homemade is the only way to enjoy them. Try this smoked salmon version to mix it up. Sausage rolls are another treat that catapults you to picnic King if they are freshly baked. We know you want that crown so check out this tasty Jamie Oliver recipe and we have even got the vegans covered. Apparently, picnic pies are a thing and they look and taste incredible! Falafels, a couple of tasty veggie balls that make everyone happy. You can easily make your own crowd pleaser with this recipe.

  • Salads, Not just a side

    A classic Potato salad is great for picnics as it travels well and is always a welcome addition to everyone’s high piled plates. Switch it up and make it a basil pesto potato salad instead! You can even make everyone their own individual rainbow layered salad pot which makes serving a whole lot easier. It’s time to rethink coleslaw and inject some tangy flavours into it with this Asian slaw recipe. Add some fruit to your salad with this delightful melon, kiwi and avocado salad with orange vinaigrette.

  • Sweet treats

    Cupcakes are essential, the only difficult part is deciding which flavour to make. Mary Berry’s lemon cupcakes are always a winner or try her classic vanilla version. You can even make a healthy cupcake which means you can eat double the amount! 😉 Sweet soft and chewy is how we like our flapjacks, and they are perfect for a picnic. Try this Delia recipe which is partially dipped in chocolate. YUM! Do you know what will also be a big hit?! This citrus bar which has a crisp shortbread base and a creamy citrus curd baked on the top! Wow, it is delicious! And for the adults, you can’t get any more ‘picnic’ than this… PIMS JELLY JARS! Thank us later for that one!

  • Pretty in pink

    You can’t let yourself down on the drinks front so create some refreshing drinks to wow the fans with. Pink lemonade not only looks great but is very pleasing on the tongue too. Or why not show off with a homemade elderflower cordial. Pop some cherry’s in this fizzy cherry-infused Dr. Pepper punch… kids and adults alike with love it. Get slurping on these watermelon ‘nojitos’ which screams summer and are wonderfully flavourful.

    Right, so that’s a pretty epic list of mouth-watering goodies to take on your next picnic. There are officially no excuses for bringing a packet of sensations and a cheese and ham sandwich from the corner shop. You will rise to picnic royalty in no time with these recipes in your basket!

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