A Mouth-Watering Guide To Homemade Ice-Creams & Lollies

by Tefal Team on 23 June 2020
  • We may be in lockdown however, the great British weather has surprised us all and given us a whole lotta glorious sunshine! It certainly helps to have holiday weather when we can’t currently go on holiday. And what goes hand in hand with sunny weather… ice-cream of course! We simply must have a cool delicious treat when the weather glorious because it would simply be rude not too! As the entire country seems to be on a massive baking hype is seems only logical that this should then progress into making our own ice-creams and lollies! So, check out this ultimate list of easy to make, very lickable ice-creams and lollies!

  • No ice-cream maker? No problem!

    Lots of ice-cream recipes require an ice-cream maker to prevent ice crystals from forming and to ensure you have a smooth creamy consistency. However, if you don’t have one fear not, there are a couple of ways to make ice-cream. Option 1 requires you to get the muscles out and get stuck into a lot of vigorous whisking! And option two requires you to shake it, or rather shake a bag with ice-cream mixture and ice for 5 minutes… we think you deserve the ice-cream after that workout!

  • Get fruity

    Strawberries are in season so this strawberry ice-cream recipe is the perfect ice-cream to get your tongue around. A fan of sweet and sour? How does lemon curd and blueberry ice-cream sound? For those that love avocado on well anything, this mourish coconut and avocado ice-cream is for you. This Club Tropicana ice-cream cake sure does look impressive but we would only recommend this recipe for those that fancy themselves as the next Nigella as although it looks wonderful, it also looks quite tricky!

  • Guilt-free baby!

    Thought we would peek your attention at this one! 😉 Yes, that’s right, this easy banana ice-cream recipe is healthy, and it counts as 1 of your 5 a day! Winner, winner, we’re having ice-cream for dinner! But the fun doesn’t stop there, check out these strawberry and avocado ice-cream pots which are also healthy! And for the chocoholics we have you covered, this banana, chocolate and peanut butter recipe is sure to hit the spot.

  • All things nice

    For those of you that have grannies that are self-isolating, you don’t need to miss out on their famous homemade ice-cream as we have the recipe for Grannies ice-cream right here! We aren’t sure if all Grannies ice-creams taste like this but it’s nice to think they do. We don’t know about you, but the only way we like to enjoy a sandwich is when a velvety scoop of ice-cream is sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies! Holy moly are these ice-cream sandwiches heavenly! Fancy an after-dinner coffee? Make it chilled with this scrumptious coffee ice-cream! We’ve got your classics like your chocolatemint and vanilla ice-cream but we also have some tasty modern flavour combos like lavender and honey and matcha green tea.

  • Iced, iced lollies!

    For some fruity fun, these watermelon lollies not only look great, but they taste fabulous too! They are made with watermelon (obviously) and kiwi for the green part. Plus, they are super healthy too as they don’t require any additional sugar. These Gin and tonic ice lollies are for adults only! They are the perfect treat after a BBQ. In fact, there are a whole host of adult ice lollies to try from Mojito to cider and blackberry and even strawberry and Processco.

    Back to the non-alcoholic lollies and there are these easy mixed berry lollies to munch on. Looking for a health kick? This pineapple and pear lolly is anti-inflammatory, in which case we will take two! You can even make these frozen yoghurt lollies which are quite literally yoghurt and your fav choice of fruit. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

  • So that’s a pretty cushty list of frozen treats for you to cool down with by the pool. And by pool we mean paddling pool 😉 We hope we have inspired you to delve into the world of homemade iced treats. Don’t forget to let us know which are your favourite winning flavour combos!

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