The Ultimate Post Lockdown Bucket List

by Tefal Team on 26 May 2020
  • Lockdown might be around for a little while longer, but that won’t stop us dreaming up an epic list of fun things we can do when things finally go back to normal. We have been in lockdown long enough to start missing things that never thought we would… the queue in your local coffee shop, nan’s rich tea biscuits and we’re even starting to miss annoying Brian* from accounts, something we didn’t think we would EVER say! Either way, there’s a lot of things we plan to double down on as soon as lockdown is lifted and social distancing is but a distant memory, so here is our mighty bucket list of modest things to indulge in.

    *do we miss annoying Brian from accounts, or do we miss the flapjacks he bakes… 🤔

  • And the food babies were made

    Shall we start with priority 101 – a bucket of KFC or an Mc Donald’s if that’s your thing (though if you’re lucky, some of you can get it now!). Either way, our fave fast food joints and restaurants will be greeted with a very deprived and hungry crew! We can’t wait to stuff our famished faces with grubby burgers, dumplings, pizza, and Peri-Peri chicken. We expect there will be a nationwide food coma whereby we all return to our sofas to have a little nap and reconsider our lives… or if perhaps 2 family buckets were, in fact, a bad idea for one person. Ticking off our favourite food joints will essentially be an entire bucket list in itself so it’s worth creating a list of where you will hit up first. You could start with McDonald’s for breakfast, KCF for lunch, Wagamama’s for an afternoon snack and Nando’s for dinner! But for now, we will need to stick with fakeaways.

  • A cheeky pint at the pub

    It appears everyone is gasping for a cold pint and a bag of crisp from their local. And we all know that supermarket drinks just don’t taste the same! A fresh pint with a couple of your besties is what dreams are made of. FaceTime and House Party are a fab substitute while we are stuck indoors but it will never replace catching up with your mates in your local beer garden. Many a memory has been made in our locals and once lockdown is over and social distancing is not a thing, we expect we will all be closer than ever to our mates. Cheers to that!

  • Shop til’ you drop!

    As you may have come to realise, shopping isn’t really just about the purchasing of goods… it’s much, much more than that. It’s an experience, it’s a whole day out that includes coffee and lunch. It’s a trip to invoke interior and fashion inspiration (how do we know what the ‘new me’ will look like unless we have trolled all our favourite shops?!) Internet shopping certainly has its place, but nothing beats a trip to the shops with your bestie. We usually intend to go to purchase a specific thing and end up coming home with a whole array of wonderful things we didn’t know we needed but without the one thing we were looking for…Oops. Shopping is just fun! And of course it is, we are essentially buying presents for ourselves and we make it guilt-free when we preface the purchase with, ‘I really need one of these’…. No one really needs a sparkly jumpsuit but who are we to judge and after weeks of lockdown we all deserve a little something, something 😉 Looks like we don’t have too long left to wait, following the recent accouchement that all non-essential shops can re-open from 15th June.

  • Dance like no one is watching

    Let’s be honest we all love a little boogie… even if some of us need more encouragement than others and dancing alone or with your family at home just doesn’t feel the same. In fact, it just feels plain wrong… please stop doing that. What would a bucket list be if it didn’t include grooving to your favourite music?! Getting freaky at festival’s is a calling for some and we are all very much looking forward to bopping to our favourite artists again. Us Brits certainly love to dress for the occasion and festivals are no different. It’s all about dusting off our old festi clothes and perhaps this will even be the perfect opportunity to wear that sparkly jumpsuit that ‘you really needed’?! And when all the clubs and bars open their doors again, we fully intend to unretire those hips and put them back in action. Imagine a weekend full of out of time dancing, questionable twerking and our favourite ‘the dad sidestep’…. It sounds WONDERFUL and we can’t wait!

  • Free hugs here

    Lockdown has left some of us with a heart-breaking lack of human touch… and nothing we repeat nothing feels better than a hug! We expect our British stiff upper lip ways will be a thing of the past when social distancing is over, and we won’t want to let go of our loved ones ever again! Perhaps they will start selling jumpers* for two people so we can all be in a permanent embrace! All we know is that there will be many a hug, and not just the short polite, pat on the back type, we’re talking long squishy embraces that set your serotonin loose and make you feel like the world is a better place! And for all those couples out there that haven’t seen each other in weeks…. Well, we say no more 😉

    *You heard it here first! 2 person jumpers are sure to be next in fashion!

    Ultimately this whole bucket list is about catching up with our nearest and dearest whether it is over food or a pint in the pub. Spending time with our favourite faces will be NO.1 priority, no matter how we decide to do it. In the meantime, it looks like we will just need to get our fix from FaceTime!

    Whatever you do post-lockdown, please stay sensible, and stay safe! ❤

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