Full Of The Joys Of Spring Greens

by Tefal Team on 05 May 2020
  • The first cabbages of the year, spring greens provide much-needed vits as we head out of winter. They’re cheap and quick to cook into some sensational recipes. Get the low down with our seasonal veg round up.

  • Why eat them?

    They’re a sign of the coming spring (the clue’s in the name) and have a fresh, mild taste that’s sweeter than traditional cabbage.

    Also, they’re green so you know they’re going to be good for you. But how good? With vitamins C and K as well as calcium, fibre and other natural compounds on board they’re certainly not doing you harm. Your bones, heart and immune system will all be pretty happy.

  • Shopping and chopping

    Spring greens are plentiful in green grocers, supermarkets and veg boxes from now until early summer. Choose a nice, fresh bunch and keep it in the fridge until cooking time. Sooner rather than later to make the most of those nutrients.

    Here’s how to prep them for cooking.

    Add them into recipes calling for kale, cabbage and spinach. Or try our crop of recipes, specially selected to show them off at their best…

  • Keep it simple

    Just a quick lemon dressing is all that’s needed for this tasty spring greens side dish. Perfect served with grilled meat or a hearty stew.

    Throw lightly cooked greens in a frying pan with bacon and hazelnuts for this light, easy supper.

    This satisfying spiced lentil and spring green soup is packed with mouth-tingling flavour – just the job if you’ve been overdoing the leek and potato lately.


  • Go Italian

    Spring greens turn up in a surprising number of Italian meals. Our fave has to be this loaded calzone with oozy mozzarella.

    That could soon be bumped to the number 2 slot by this spring greens, pea and pesto risotto recipe. It’s a pretty speedy dish despite making the pesto from scratch and cooking up laborious risotto rice!

    But for you, maybe it’s this veg-packed, gruyere cheese-topped lovely lasagne that will take the top spot.

  • Spring greens taste best when lightly cooked, so they’re practically made for stir-frying. A few ingredients and 20 minutes is all you need for these Chinese stir-fry spring greens – wok on!

    But if it’s a super speedy supper you’re after, you can’t beat this spring greens and chicken stir-fry. Fridge to plate in 10 minutes, that’s what we call a flash in the pan.

    This delish dish of soba noodles with tofu and spring greens is zinging with green goodness. And this teriyaki pork belly with sesame greens is perfect for those bargain butcher finds.

    With this lot to sample, there’s no excuse not to eat your greens this spring!


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