The Ultimate Tasty Toastie Recipes

by Tefal Team on 23 April 2020
  • The Ultimate List Of Tasty Toastie Recipes

    Now we are at home there is no need for those dry and flavourless sandwiches… its time to get the Snack Collection out and make a taste sensation in the kitchen. We are talking dynamite flavour combos that hit all the right spots. The question is how many toastie recipes can you tick off during lockdown? We can see a toastie connoisseur in the making!

  • Hello lunchtime loveliness

    We are kicking the list off strong with this absolute beauty… Indian chilli cheese! You weren’t expecting that were you?! We like to keep you on your toes and boy oh boy is this toastie packed with incredible flavour. Next up its time to get your lefts overs out with this chunky spag-bol toastie! You will need your grill for this one as it’s one thick toastie… just how we like em’ 😉 Next is a toastie you might be more familiar with, potato, bacon, and gruyère. Need we say anymore, you just know it will delight the taste-buds!

  • Toastie talent

    If you’re feeling a little festive, then this indulgent camembert and cranberry toastie will jingle those festive bells. This black pudding and Marconi cheese toastie is a hipster’s dream! Talking of hipsters how about these vegan toastie recipes including smoky vegan cheese with pepper and avocado. Get inspired with middle eastern flavours and try this recipe that includes a toasted pitta with minced lamb and a whole lot of yummy spices.

  • Grilling greatness

    It would be a crime not to include this mozzarella, and pesto toastie topped with shards of crispy Parma ham. If flavour combos were ever meant to be this one is a match made in heaven. We know Friday doesn’t necessarily come with that Friday feeling anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your Friday night fix a.k.a a dirty pizza takeaway! Why you ask? Because we’ve got you covered with this pizza toastie that will surely fill the void and then some! Trust us, its good! We may have tried it once or twice… maybe trice… ok, we have eaten this one a lot and once you have tasted it you will know why!

  • Sweet, sweet toastie

    If you thought we forgot about the whole world of sweet toasties, you thought wrong… check out this croissant, Nutella and banana recipe! We repeat… a toasted croissant oozing with warm Nutella and banana… excuse us while we grill one of these babies right this minute! This sweet apple pie grilled panini is essentially a warm embrace in the form of really good comfort food… and let’s be honest we could do with a little cuddle right now 🤗 If you want to please your inner child this Nutella and marshmallow grilled sandwich will have you doing the hokey cokey in celebration.  And if you have a slightly more sophisticated palate then this grilled almond butter, dark chocolate, & pomegranate sandwich will have you moaning in delight!


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