Pump It Up! Home Workout Ideas For Everyone

by Tefal Team on 15 April 2020
  • Staying at home doesn’t mean you need to turn into a couch potato! There is a huge amount of fun and thoroughly enjoyable home exercise activities to get involved with… and who knows, you could unleash a hidden talent for salsa, Thai chi or simply jumping around like a 5-year-old hyper on smarties 😉 Here is an awesome list of feel-good exercises that will be helpful for young children and ‘big kids’ alike. Take a look and give something new a try!

  • Feeling Zen?

    There are so many benefits to exercise that we certainly wouldn’t have time to list them all here, however, one of the most wonderful results is that it relieves stress and anxiety which is certainly something we can all do with a little bit more of given the current climate. If you are looking for a calming exercise or a low impact one (perhaps your knee took a knock at the weekend chasing the kids, partner and/or dog round the garden with the hose pipe!) then yoga is for you! There are lots of styles of yoga and you can do them with varying intensity, from an energising sun salutation in the morning or a relaxing stretch in the evening to set you up for bed. Yoga with Adriene has lots of 30-day yoga challenges to try which are also great for beginners. Yoga isn’t just for grown-ups either, Cosmic Kids Yoga is mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids. It gets the kids moving in yoga poses using fun relatable ways like storytelling and wordplay. Did you know you can do Harry Potter yoga?!

  • HIT the road (living room), Jack

    If you are feeling a little restless and the kids can’t sit still a quick HIT (high-intensity training) session could be the exercise for you. And who other than the HIT master himself, Joe Wicks is better for the job of putting you through your paces in the living room! Joe has probably been a lot of parents saviours these last few weeks where he has taken the helm and hosted the first national morning PE classes! But this is no time to sit back and relax while the kids are jumping up and down… get stuck in too! 😉 And if you really want to push yourself he also has a huge array of more difficult sessions for adults.

  • Happy feet

    For those of you that like to let loose on the dance floor, you will be pleased to know there are lots of amazing online classes for you to get your groove on to! There is something for everyone from ballet and hip hop to salsa. You can even get involved in a live-streamed morning rave. And Oti has some great dance tutorials for the kids including a spider man and minion themed ones!

  • Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

    If everything and everyone is starting to push your buttons it’s time to work out your lockdown frustrations with Tyson Fury’s daily 9 am Instagram live workout. What a great way to release that pent-up energy! If you have always been inspired to be as badass as Jackie Chan then pick up some moves with some online karate classes! Or you can channel your inner chi with some online Thai Chi classes, who knows you could be a zen master in no time! Or train like an Olympian and keep fit with this fun taekwondo workout by Olympic champion Jade Jones!


    We hope all of this talk of exercise has got you feeling pumped and inspired to try something new! But if none of these sound up your street then you can always whip the vacuum cleaner out and give the house a tidy and burn up to 170 calories an hour. Better yet, don’t stop there, if you are feeling particularly motivated now is the perfect time for that spring clean!  

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