Pick Up Some Purple Sprouting Broccoli

by Tefal Team on 20 February 2020
  • This pretty winter veg is packed with goodness and is a welcome flavour after months of carrots and sprouts. The name’s a bit confusing though – is it broccoli? Why’s it purple? How is it sprouting??

    We explain all. Tuck in with our seasonal veg guide…

  • Purple rein

    Cousin of the regular green variety, purple sprouting broccoli is in season from February to April so now’s the time to add it to your meal plans. It looks different to its cousin as, apart from the colour, it has long, thin stems with small clusters of purple buds. (FYI it also comes in white.)

    It’s all edible, even the tender stalks and leaves. And you’re going to want to eat up as it’s full of good things like vitamins C and A, calcium, folic acid, iron and potassium. Just looking at it makes us feel healthier.

    Choose dark greeny-purple florets and leaves, and look for tight clusters of buds and firm stems. As for taste, the fresher the better so pick the bunch with the latest best before date. It can be steamed, stir-fried, boiled, baked and roasted, as you’re about to discover…

  • Make it quick

    Get brunch sorted in 15 minutes flat with this twist on eggs Florentine. Whizz up the sauce, pour over eggs and veg and you’re done.

    Pizza reinvented for a speedy midweek meal, these roasted broccoli and feta flatbreads might just become a new family favourite. Or fry up the broccoli with garlic and sesame for a delicious side or light bite.

    With a little more cooking time but no extra effort, you could be serving up this oozy cheesey broccoli and sausage bake tonight.

  • Punchy pasta

    Just a few basic flavours make the star ingredient shine in this chilli pasta recipe. It’s quick and easy too. Add in some walnuts for a savoury crunch.

    Remember orecchiette (little ears) from our pasta blog? Here they’re served with broccoli, anchovies and an almond crumb – ooh, fancy!

    We may have just found the perfect way to introduce purple sprouting broccoli to non-fans (i.e. kids. And some big kids). This magical penne pasta forest is sure to have everyone enchanted.

  • Surf and turf

    This purple super veg has quite a delicate flavour so it can go in just about any meat and fish dish, especially those with big flavours like this roasted salmon. The rosemary anchovy sauce adds a nice salty hit.

    Pack in the flavour but keep it simple with this herby roast chicken tray bake. Or opt for a yummy sticky sauce with this beef and broccoli stir-fry (cook up the ActiFry version here).

    Whatever you’re cooking, if it’s chock full of broccoli make sure it’s purple.

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