It’s About Thyme

by Tefal Team on 30 January 2020
  • Something missing in the food flavour stakes? Then it’s thyme for a change. This mood boosting, taste-transforming and easy to grow herb packs quite a punch with its sweet, citrusy and peppery tones.

    We sniff out the best stuff and share some good thyme recipes in our essential herb blurb.

  • Thyme on your side

    A member of the mint family, this tiny-leafed flowering plant has around 350 different species. As well as flavouring food, it’s been hailed for its medicinal benefits since the Egyptian empire. That’s a pharaoh time ago! (sorry)

    Honestly, it’s no wonder it’s been so popular for so long, it’s a stress buster, an immune booster and great for eye health. Best of all for January are its phlegm-tackling and cold symptom-soothing properties. Brew up some thyme tea and see for yourself.

    For cooking, use fresh springs of thyme or a pinch of the dried stuff, both give good flavour. The dried herb is more pungent though so hold back a bit. As a rough guide, use a third of the amount of dried thyme as you would fresh.

  • Give it thyme

    Being a Mediterranean herb, it’s no surprise that thyme goes well with other Med staples like olive oil, tomato and garlic. It’s very versatile though and can be added to everything from breakfast beans to decadent desserts.

    With those sun-kissed climes in mind, how about this melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked shredded beef ragu with pasta? Trust those rich Italian flavours to banish any January blues.

    Try sprinkling a pinch on some freshly baked focaccia. And these sausage pizza balls are the business for a packed lunch treat.

    If you’re pushed for thyme (gotta love all this herb humour) nothing could be simpler than these tasty, herby Mediterranean chips or try the air-fried version for lighter results. Bonus tip: find out how to make best ever ActiFry chips right here.

  • First thyme for everything

    This handy herb pops up in some surprising recipes. Try switching things up with these irresistible honey, walnut and goats cheese samosas.

    Its lemony flavour is a great match for the fish and paprika in these crispy fried cod bites. Or, for a fraction of the fat, try these.

    While chicken and thyme are a tried and testes combo, the addition of peaches and soy sauce in this recipe take it in a new and delish direction.

    Thyme even passes the can-it-go-on-toast test with this yummy orange and thyme curd. And for a fancy-shmancy brunch dish, these easy baked eggs are sure to impress.

    This next level homemade lemonade has two quirky additions – fresh springs of thyme and grilled lemons. How’s that for a twist of lemonade?

    So when you’re next pondering how to jazz up your meat dish or give extra flavour to a stuffing, soup or dressing, just add a pinch of this powerhouse herb. Works every thyme.

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