Budget Friendly Veganuary Food

by Tefal Team on 09 January 2020
  • Going plant based for January? Those dairy substitutes and meatless meats don’t come cheap. No need to let that stop you though, it can be cheap as chips, literally.

    These savvy shopping tips and deliciously thrifty and easy recipes will see smash through Veganuary the tasty way. You might even save some money too. Maybe you could treat yourself to a nice, tender, 28-day aged rib-eye come February… *okay, okay, we’ll stop with the steak talk. Stay strong vegan warrior and munch on.

  • More plant for your pound

    Cooking from scratch saves your wallet, you can save a heap if you skip the ready meals and go homemade. Veggie food is great for batch cooking, and cooks well too. So while you’re at it, double the recipe to load up the freezer and have some left over for the next day’s lunch.

    At the supermarket, stock up on tinned staples like tomatoes, chickpeas and mixed beans. Seek out own brand products and wonky fruit and veg, or check out the freezer aisle for frozen veggies, which are often cheaper and last longer.

  • Bean and done it

    Beans means… loads of cheap and tasty meals! The beauty of these vegan bean burritos is that you can pick your favourite beans plus a few other ingredients and quickly make a delish version of a takeaway classic for a fraction of the cost.

    Or here’s an idea – make a big batch of this warming slow cooker vegan bean chilli and you’ll have enough spare for some tasty wraps or tacos.

    Master this mighty vegan black bean burger and you’ll never have to pay out for the shop bought kind again.

  • Get curried away

    Another winner in the low cost nosh stakes is curry. Just a few veggies and a sprinkling of spice and you’ve got yourself one tasty supper. Feast on this roasted aubergine and tomato curry or this lively Jamaican curry.

    No need to splurge on readymade sides when you can knock up something equally tasty at home. Try this simple saag aloo, delicious daal and even some homemade chapatis.

  • Lentil winter warmers

    Slow cook your way to vegan heaven with this vegetarian hotpot. Easy peasy, perfect for batch cooking and topped with doughy dumplings – what’s not to love?

    Of course, when it comes to cheap and simple winter warmers, nothing beats a hearty soup. And these best ever vegan soups take some beating!

  • Just desserts

    Round off these top-notch suppers with something sweet. This toffee apple upsidedown cake is the business when it comes to low-cost and lush vegan puddings. And this banana bread is perfect for using up overripe fruit.

    Speaking of bananas, we’ll leave you with this chocolate and banana ice cream. Just 4 ingredients and so easy to whizz up, you’ll be making it long after Veganuary’s over.

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