New Year’s Resolutions We’re Sticking To

by Tefal Team on 20 December 2019
  • Before you make any pie in the sky New Year’s resolutions (you know the kind – swearing off cake and vowing to hit the gym before brekkie every day), stop right there.

    Check out the resolutions we’re rooting for – pledges you can stick to with the bonus of being enjoyable and rewarding too. Sound good to you? Then let’s get to it…

  • Take up something

    We’re not knocking giving up the bad stuff, but starting something new is way more fun. Say getting to grips with baking or having a bash at bread making for instance.

    And with a list-busting selection of learn-at-home programmes available online, the Internet’s your oyster. Learn to meditate, master the bongos, brush up on a language – make this the year of doing good habits (as well as maybe ditching the odd bad one).

  • More homemade

    Is your weekly meal plan stuck in a rut? Are you on first name terms with more Deliveroo drivers than you care to admit? Then committing to more home cooking could be the way to go this year.

    Refresh your cooking know-how with the 25 skills every cook should know. And don’t forget the ActiFry app has loads of inspiring new recipes to tempt you away from takeaway.

  • Habits to help the planet

    Big or small, green pledges help protect the planet and are good for us too (in the saving money, improving well-being and feeling like you’ve done something positive kind of way). Vow never to leave the house without your shopping bags and reusable bottle, and check out some other inspiring resolutions to make it a green 2020.

  • Go live

    Get in on the action and go live this year. Experiences beat possessions hands down in the happiness stakes so why not pledge to do more?

    Live music, sports fixtures, stand up gigs, seeing friends for actual face-to-face time – there’s plenty to choose from and they sound a whole lot better than the cabbage soup diet, right?

  • Save time to make time

    Let’s be honest, one thing we could all do with a little extra of is time. And we’re going to need it to stick to any of our other resolutions, so how can we make more of it?

    If you’re already a whiz at batch cooking and sharing out household chores, discover a time (and effort) saving gadget to speed things along. Or add hours back to your week with one of these genius time-saving hacks.

    With all that time saved on mundane errands and never-ending meetings, you’ll be able to take up tai chi, learn to bake soufflés and fill your calendar with fun events.

    Happy New Year!


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