How To Boss Your First Week Back

by Tefal Team on 20 December 2019
  • You’ve packed up the tree, polished off the Christmas cake and made this year’s resolutions.  That can only mean one thing – it’s time to go back to work.

    Not feeling ready? Let these clever pre-work preparations whip you into shape. First week back: Bring. It. On.

  • Dress for success

    If you’re less than excited about heading back to work, what you wear might be the key to putting you in a productive frame of mind. Find out why it pays to dress well.

    Dreading the thought of ditching your PJs? Prepare a few outfits in advance to make the first morning as painless as possible.

  • Lunch of champions

    When life gets hectic it’s easy for packed lunch plans to slide. If your December lunches were more about multi packs of mince pies than soups and sarnies, let’s get things back on track.

    Get your January lunches off to a flying start with this collection of over 50 lunchbox greats. A brilliant recipe to kick things off with is this really useful roast chicken. That’s Sunday lunch and leftovers for some tasty packed lunches sorted.

  • Coffee to go

    New year, new fuel for your reusable cup. If you’re already a fan of cold brew, have a go at making some of your other fave coffee shop beverages.

    For those hoping to pack in as many vitamins as possible before lunch, try one of these fruit-filled treats.

  • ‘How was your Christmas?’

    There are only so many ways to answer this inevitable first-day-back conversation starter. But asking colleagues if they want the long or the short version should ensure the briefest of post-Christmas pleasantries.

    Once you’ve covered the holiday chat, move the topic along with some winning small talk.

  • Spread some January cheer

    Just because the decorations are down doesn’t mean January has to be dull. Spread a little New Year cheer by surprising work pals with a batch of homemade cupcakes, guaranteed to brighten up the first day back for everyone.

    Wondering how sweet treats will go down with the January dieters? We’ve got you covered with these delicious healthy cupcakes.

  • Standby suppers

    With no more turkey sandwiches and leftover party snacks to fall back on at the end of the day, it’s time to get back to real meals. Go easy on yourself by having some quick and simple recipes at the ready.

    These super speedy meals should do the trick. Or take the effort out of the end of the day by popping this best ever spag bol in the pressure cooker – what could be tastier than that?

    Have a great first week, peeps!


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