Tuck Into The Decade’s Biggest Food Trends

by Tefal Team on 20 December 2019
  • We’ve seen a whole lot of food come and go the past 10 years, but which got second helpings? As we enter the 20’s, we look back at the biggest food trends from the last decade…

  • Holy guacamole!

    You know what’s had a smashing time over the past decade? Avocado. It came, it saw, it became a sell-out Easter egg. Never has a fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) achieved such domination. Avo, we salute you.

  • The rise of bread

    The artisan baking craze saw us quit quitting carbs and dough-lighted in the return of bread. Alongside sliced white, we went mad for sourdough, soda bread, seeded loaves and more. Then we toasted it and smothered it in avocado, naturally.

  • No moo milk

    It’s not just skimmed, semi or full fat in the fridge these days. The 2010s shook things up in the milk department by putting the likes of almond, oat, coconut and, er, camel on the milk map.

  • Air-fried food got fabulous

    We paved the way with the very first air-fryer in the noughties. And the last 10 years have proved it’s no flash in the pan. You can now cook best ever chips, make marvellous fakeaways, serve up sensational snacks and even bake cakes (yes, really). Where would we be without it?

  • Coffee went mega

    Flat white, cold brew, cortado and pumpkin-spiced became normal language when narrowing down a coffee order. And the takeaway cup lost its sought after status as we embraced the reusable revolution.

  • Local and seasonal

    As food miles and carbon footprints became big news, local and seasonal produce got a boost. Those juicy, regional strawberries taste even better when you know they’re doing good, right?

  • Wheelie good street food

    Global treats took to the streets and the popularity of food carts soared. Nowadays we don’t just head to the chippy for a takeaway, we check out a curry truck, tex-mex van or pulled pork wagon too. Meals on wheels never tasted so good.

  • Plant-based blossomed

    It was the decade when meat-free went mainstream. Veganuary hit the calendar, plant based food popped up in surprising places, and terms like pulled jackfruit, seitan steak and courgetti (link to courgette blog) entered our food vocab.

  • #Instafood

    Dressing for dinner became all about garnishing ours plate ready for their Instagram close ups. Smoothie bowls, sushi and ramen were some of the most snapped dishes, while a humble egg racked up over 50 million likes. Eggstraordinary.

    That was one tasty decade! Wonder what’s on the menu for the next one?

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