Our Post-Christmas Recovery Guide

by Tefal Team on 16 December 2019
  • Asking for a friend – what do I do if I feel terrible after eating and drinking everything in the known universe? Read on friend, read on…

  • Full to bursting?

    After tucking into platefuls of turkey and trimmings (and cheeseboards, and pud, and cake, and mince pies) for a few days (well, actually since November) we might all be feeling a little… uncomfortable. Call on the power of spices. Put the kettle on and pop some ginger, peppermint, fennel or clove into a mug for a spot-on stomach soother.

    As the leftovers start to dwindle, it’s time to put lighter meals on the menu. Try a delicious winter salad and make the air fryer your BFF with this tempting selection of dishes.

  • Square eyes?

    After some serious Crimbo telly watching, your eyes might be in need of some TLC. As well as the customary cucumber slices, there are a number of other reviving all-natural eye remedies out there like mashed fruit and used tea bags (gross but great for tired eyes).

    Ice is a nice treat for puffy eyes (if you haven’t used it all in G&Ts), while dry eyes will thank you for a soothing warm flannel. A DIY eye area massage is also a relaxing way to rid yourself of dark circles.

  • Need to get your glow back?

    If late nights and overindulgence have caused lacklustre skin, it’s time for action.

    Thankfully, the foods that can give your skin a boost are pretty delicious. We reckon a salmon and veg loaded stir fry washed down with some cucumber water and a few squares of dark chocolate should do the trick.

  • Shopped till you’ve dropped?

    Try this pick-me-up. Putting your feet up for 20 minutes will work wonders. And by putting your feet up we mean really putting them up, like straight up a wall!

  • As excited as a kid before Christmas?

    Feeling a bit wired from all the festive fun? If you’re having trouble switching off and catching some much needed Z’s, sipping a cup of chamomile tea or adding a pinch of nutmeg to warm milk will calm the mind and help you drop off.

    The jury’s still out on whether turkey has sleep inducing properties but there are plenty of other foods that will help. Oatmeal nightcap anyone?

  • Stuck on the sofa?

    If you feel like you haven’t left the house for days (cold weather and a mountain of cooking will do that), fill a flask and head out for a walk to boost energy levels.

    Be honest, is a certain foil-wrapped triangle the only ‘green’ food to pass your lips over the festive period? (FYI: Quality Streets don’t count towards your five a day). Then find out why you should stop being a sprout dodger.

    That’s it. Enough tips to see you through to until after NYE when dieting, self-care and serious gym sessions kick in. Ooops, sorry we said the ‘G’ word before January.

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