Films And Food – 5 Fave Family Films And Treats To Enjoy With Them

by Tefal Team on 15 November 2019
  • Is there any better way to make use of a cold, dark night than cosying up on the sofa with movies and snacks? If your answer is yes, we don’t want to hear it. Why? Because we’ve already lined up a stack of DVDs like its 1999, busted out the onsies and, of course, loaded up on the snacks. So, here’s our list of totally awesome family films and the treats you’ve just gotta have with them, so you can do the same.

  • Son of Rambow

    If you missed this hilarious British film, about two friends remaking the 80s classic in their back garden, now’s the time to dig it out and get watching. In the spirit of a classic 80s remakes, here’s a recipe for making your own crispy pancakes and of course you need some pud. How about a bit of angel delight cheesecake? Achievement ‘80s mania’ unlocked!

  • The Princess Bride

    Back in the news as there’s talk of a remake – noooooooooooooooooo don’t do it!!!! – now’s the right time to watch this bad boy again.

    But what’s the right food for the best movie of all time? No don’t even begin to question this. It’s true. End of. Anyway, foodwise, we reckon you should honour character Inigo Montoya ‘the world’s greatest swordsman’. So say hello to these Spanish Pork Skewers they’re totally ‘prepare to die’ for. Plus, we’ve diligently done our research and can confirm that they are ideal for sofa snacking and work a treat on the old OptiGrill.

  • Frozen

    Okay, you can’t have family film night without at least one classic from the little mouse with the big ears. Cue a ton of singing, a gutsy but vulnerable lead and a goofy sidekick. Our chosen vehicle for this classic formula is Frozen. This is mainly because it’s a tenuous link to, and excuse for, making these insane deep fried ice cream balls. If frying’s your thing, you should know, we’ve got the daddy of home deep fryers. Check it out here. And when you’ve done that, you can start brushing up on the lyrics to ‘Let it go’.

  • Fantastic Mr Fox

    Another one that you might not find on everyone’s top lists. But hey, if you’re in to ‘conventional’ you wouldn’t be reading movie tips from the people that invented non-stick frying pans. Anyhoo, the unusual animation style, the brilliant performance from George Clooney and the legend level talent of Roald Dahl mean that this one is a guaranteed winner. Of course, there’s only one thing you can eat while watching this one. It’s got to be chicken. We recommend smashing out an absolute bucket load of these parmesan chicken bites. Yep, they are posh chicken nuggets. But you’ll be thanking us when you’re lying on the sofa in a happy film and food coma.

  • Into the Spider-Verse

    Just to prove that we have watched a film in the last ten years, we’ve got to bust out a more recent blockbuster. You can’t go wrong with ‘Spider-Verse. It’s everything that most of the current crop of overblown Avengers films aren’t. Unless you’re going to watch Deadpool with the kids (absolutely don’t do this!!!) And before you lose the plot, it’s not just us, even Martin Scorsese isn’t down with them, and we reckon he knows a thing or two about films. Anyway, everyone’s a critic right? So how to avoid criticism on the food front? Just drown everyone in popcorn. You can’t have enough on film night and did you know you can make it in the ActiFry (seriously, is there anything it can’t do!). It’s absurdly simple, but here’s a recipe anyway and if you want some inspiration for flavours here’s 27 different recipes.

    So that’s film night absolutely sorted. Enough flicks and snacks to keep your eyes square and your belly round for a month!

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